There's A Lollipop Chainsaw Figure, And It's Hideous

Cult game, attractive (and scantily clad) protagonist, you would have bet the house on someone coming out with an official Lollipop Chainsaw figure. And, eventually, someone has. Though they really shouldn't have bothered.

Unknown Japanese company World Scope, perhaps explaining why they're unknown, are behind this official Juliet Starling piece that looks like something you'd expect with a Happy Meal.

Juliet Starling [World Scope, via Plastikitty]


    I think a Happy Meal figure would probably look better too

    looks about as grainy as she does in game. Accurate.

    Whilst it's maybe not brilliant, it's by no means awful. Seems fairly true to the in-game character.

    Saying that, I'd have no problem with McDonald's selling these with their Happy Meals. Been a while since there's been some fast food controversy ;)

    It's not like anyone is going to be looking at the face...

    the sculpt seems ok, the paint job really lets it down though

    Um, it looks very DECENT, pple. Plus, I've seen worse figures that look crappier. The costume is spot on, the chainsaw looks beautiful, the face is a tiny bit off, NOT FULLY! Like ur dumbass eyes are seeing/imagining. I would still buy it if it was available. U guys gotta stop acting like u know EVERYTHING. This is the only figure out, and I'm glad they did something. So u guys gotta calm the snarf down! =0/

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