These Pokémon Are So Ugly

Pocket Monsters are supposed to be cute. That's just the way it is. Or rather, the way it should be. But these Pokémon are anything but cute. They're butt ugly.

Bad teeth, simpleton stares, and generally surly dispositions turn some of the cutest Pocket Monsters into some of the ugliest. Even the teeth hurtingly cute Jigglypuff is not spared. Say it ain't so! It is. It's so!

These ugly Pocket Monsters are the work of artist EatToast (aka Kelsey Wailes). You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt page (via Moon83) as well as on her Facebook page. EatToast even has an Esty shop, where you can gobble up her work — for a price.

Ugly Pokémons by Eattoast [Moon83]


    Nothing is sacred any more.


    hahaha these are rad!! can't stop laughing at that jigglypuff

    they're not ugly, they're kawaii

    some things should never be tampered with... LIKE TACKING YO-GI-OH OUT OF YO-GI-OH FFS!

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