This '90s Arcade Game Had The Most Insane Cutscenes Ever

If you came of age in the 1990s, you probably saw Mad Dog McCree at your local arcade. What you probably didn't see was a game made by the same company called Gallagher's Gallery, starring the psychotic, watermelon-smashing nutjob of the same name.

I never got to play Gallager's Gallery but by all accounts, it was awful. Luckily, some brave soul decided to rip and upload all of the live action cutscenes from it, for all to marvel at in slack-jawed disgust.

Let's watch, shall we?

Here's Gallagher generally acting like a jerk at the supermarket:

Here's Gallagher showing the world his inner child:

Here's Gallagher cosplaying as the meanest cowboy in Toontown:

Here's Gallagher acting like the spiteful owner of the world's saddest Circuit City knock-off:

Here's Gallagher acting like the world's most sarcastic strongman:

You know, considering Gallagher turned out to be insane, these cutscenes make a whole lot of sense. I do, however, have an odd sort of respect for how he decided to end the game: by hatefully mocking the poor, loyal souls who decided to pump quarter after quarter into his game just to see him smash a watermelon.

Good. Now let us never speak of Gallagher's Gallery ever again.


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