This Battlefield 3 Player Narrowly Missed Being Blown The Heck Up. Dang.

Lucky, lucky. It's not often you get to barely escape a death, never mind see how your demise could have gone down. This Battlefield 3 player, YouTube user MrChult, got out of his vehicle at just the right time.

That's some Final Destination shit right there. Hopefully they did something worthwhile with that life!

BF3 Best Timing Ever [MrChult]


    "It’s not often you get to" Uhh... if people actually bothered to play video games instead of just talk about them or waiting for someone else to post a video on Youtube you'd actually see this stuff.

    A lot.

      You're correct. While not so much in BF3, the amount of BS shots I've pulled off in Tribes goes up on a near weekly basis. I just keep forgetting to hit record. =(

    That was a waste of internet usage. Happens all the time >_>

    Shouldn't we have all transitioned to Planetside 2 by now?

      I played it for about 15 hours and I'm sure I spent 13 of those running back to the fighting.

      The other problem was in those 15 hours I only managed to unlock 1 new gun for 1 class.

        Yeah... it can take ages to get them Cp's but... I prefer to spend them on things like armour or the medics re-gen abilities or attachments cos the different guns aren't that great :P And the medic racks em up really really quick... If your a helpful medic that is...

        Oh and I never really have to run that far... I just pick closer spawns........

    He didn't get out of the car, he was kicked out for driving in some shallow water.

    The good people at EA like to make sure you are no stranger to randomly being kicked.

    Also, here is a better video from BF3:

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    This wasn't even a MILDLY interesting video.


    It's ok that she's bad at her job because diversity.

      Yep. Worst person I have ever seen writing for Kotaku. Has she even played BF3? You know, because she is a [sexist comment deleted].

    Wow that's was close! ... To being an interesting article that deserved the internet usage it chewed to watch that garbage..

    I liked the video, I watched it twice!.

      ... had to find out who's naughty and nice?

    He didn't jump out, it kicks you out when you got through deep water too fast.

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