This Game Awards You Points For Smashing Real-Life Cameras

Gamification — the use of game mechanics in the real world — remains largely a joke, often relegated to a bullet point in a marketing strategy or manifested as an ineffective experiment. Some might even call it bullshit. But sometimes you see something noteworthy and interesting — and in this case, gamification has found an unlikely outlet: protesting in Germany (or vandalism? You decide.)

The Guardian reports that in Germany, some people are putting on ski masks and tearing down surveillance cameras in a game of sorts. It's called Camover.

The game is real-life Grand Theft Auto for those tired of being watched by the authorities in Berlin; points are awarded for the number of cameras destroyed and bonus scores are given for particularly imaginative modes of destruction. Axes, ropes and pitchforks are all encouraged.

It seems that there is tension in Germany surrounding surveillance cameras according to The Guardian, with a previous demonstration happening on what was called "1984 Action Day."

Camover may be a game, but those participating in it aren't joking around.

"Although we call it a game, we are quite serious about it: our aim is to destroy as many cameras as possible and to have an influence on video surveillance in our cities," the anonymous creator of the game declared.

The winner gets to be in the frontline of a different protest, which seems fitting.

Game to destroy CCTV cameras: vandalism or valid protest? [The Guardian]


    I want to do this with speed cameras the cops employ...

      Doesn't seem like you're the only one there champ....

    While illegal i still say good on them, big brother states piss me off.

      Yeah! Down with Thatcher, maaan!

    ...and why am I reminded of PayDay: The Heist?

    Oh yeah... :p

    So the guy that starts importing anti vandal domes for cctv cameras into Germany is going to be rich

      Ohhh, so that's what those domes are for... Me, I always thought it was to somewhat obscure which direction the camera was actually facing in, so from a distance you would be paranoid and think you were being watched, even if it wasn't pointed at you.

        Combination of both, I use to install security systems, and without fail, if a camera was installed without a dome, it would be knocked off, smashed etc. The domes add the obscurity to it, but you can easily see through them with the correct lighting, but its much cheaper to clean/replace a $25 plastic dome than a $150 or more camera every couple of months.

    You may be right, but they are marketed as anti vandal domes. A mate works in the I.T dept of a hospital here in the gold coast. The patients in the mental health ward kept ripping the wireless access antennas out of the roofs because they thought they were listening devices. Bam, $45,000 of our tax money to reinstall the antennae, and then install anti vandal domes. Awesome huh...

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