This Game Captures What It's Like To Be Drunk At A Club

I love games like this — games that are more about capturing an experience. Proteus was one such game — the point was to create an idyllic sensation. Slave of God by increpare games, meanwhile, tries to capture what it's like to be drunk at a rave — and it feels like the opposite of Proteus for it.

Slave of God seems like straight up hedonism, there to embody vices, personal pleasures and indulgence. That's fantastic. I can't say I've played a game that captured stuff like this before. (Or maybe it's more accurate to say the game is worship? 'Slave of God,' after all. The sun god, I think?)

My favourite part is definitely the dancing and how the game shows you how everything kind of fades away when you're focusing on someone. There is only the rhythm and your dance partner.

Anyway, try the game out here. It's free and available for both Mac and PC. Definite seizure warning on this one.


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