This Game Pits Players Against An Improvising Cellist

Beware the cellist. Beware. CELLOS ARE DANGEROUS. If you're playing Cello Fortress, don't say I didn't warn you.

The new game pits one controller-holding player against a cellist. It's something of a tower defence game, with the player controlling the attacking tanks, and the cellist controlling the base defenses.

Fast notes activate flame throwers. High notes? Machine guns. Low notes trigger mines. And as the attacks get more intricate, the music gets crazier.

Cello Fortress is the brainchild of Joost Van Dongen, the man responsible for Proun and whose studio, Ronimo Games, made Awesomenauts and De Blob.

Nice. If they make a saxophone version of this, I will take all comers.

[via Jorge Albor]


    This makes me think of the Wiimote. At first you swing it like a mad man but once you work it out you sit on the couch with wrist flicks. The guy with the Cello will eventually forsake a beautiful melody for efficient noises to defeat the other players.

      Except that from the looks of it you can only play this when the developers are at a live event, so the cellist will probably be trying to make people enjoy the game by providing a challenge and decent music, so while that would be the optimal strategy to win it's unlikely that it would happen.

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