This Guy Will Do Your Chores While You Play Black Ops 2's New DLC

This trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's new map pack, Revolution, is actually pretty funny.

Out next Tuesday for Xbox 360 (and later for other consoles), Revolution actually lets you play as the zombies in Call of Duty's popular undead-killing mode. This trailer is designed for people worried that the new DLC might take over their lives. Here's Peter Stormare, otherwise known as That One Guy From Prison Break, offering to take over while we play.

[Thanks Pete!]


    If only their games were as innovative and interesting as their marketing.
    Modern Warfare 1 was incredible, rest of them progressively worse imo.

      I get the whole MW was best thing... stuck on the innovation part though. WAW was IMO the most innovative COD to date due to the addition of Zombies.

        I'm not sure whether there's a point to be made here about the claim 'add zombies' makes something innovative... or whether the point makes itself, I'm leaning towards the latter. (I actually thought this was sarcasm the first time I read it >_>)

          Really? Not sure you understand what the term 'innovative' means then, so here's something for you to read. The first paragraph clearly sums up why the addition of a zombie mode was innovative.

    What is that guys name? Seen him in plenty of movies and he is always awesome.

    Peter Stormare, you need to attach yourself to quality products, you beautiful bastard.

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