This Insane 30-Year-Old Maze Took Seven Years To Draw

When not racking up scores on Konami music game Jubeat, Kya7y is on Twitter. And something she recently shared there, for lack of a better word, is amazing.

Thirty years ago, her dad spent seven years and several months drawing this maze on a sheet of A1 paper that measures approximately 35 inches by 23.3 inches. "Won't somebody make it to the goal?" she tweeted.

Kya7y added that she had 50 copies of the maze, but wasn't sure how they were printed, but thought they were done using printing tech that isn't really used today. The maze was created 30 years ago, mind you. And there is apparently another maze too.

"Oh, right!" she tweeted, "I forgot something very important: it's not possible possible to reach the goal."

"I'm not really sure," she added, "but for the time being, my dad, who created this, hasn't even reached the goal."

This looks (and sounds) like a challenge. I'm keen. You?

Kya7y [Twitter] お父さんが7年かけて描いたA1サイズの迷路がすごい! [Naver via Spoon & Tamago]



    Hello? Anyone?

      Sorry, you lost me there.



        I lol'd and nostalgia'd. Well played.

        Was I the only one who always thought that I could do better at both the physical challenges, and certainly the video games as well?

        LOL. Like a trainwreck, I couldn't look away.

    Start from the exit and work backwards.

      What on earth makes you think that's any easier than the other way around?

        because maze creators often design their maze in order to trick you to go the wrong way and so if you come from the correct way you are unlikely to be visually tricked into think another way is the correct way. eg they will have the main path come to a fork. By coming back from the fork you can often assume that it is the one which is designed to make you choose between the paths. by going backwards you dont have to make that selection anymore.

        just got back from footy training really tired hopefully that made sense.

    Wow, that's absolutely incredible. That man must be some kinda genius.

    If it's not actually possible, that's quite stupid.
    If the creator of the maze didn't know if there was a clear line to the exit....

      It MIGHT be possible. The joy is in finding out that it's not :p

    HOW do I get one???????

    Looks like a PCB I tried to design once in a demo version of a program, so I had limited space. But this is bigger. And more complicated.

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