This Insane Torchlight II Mod Adds A New Class, New Regions

Months after players have eked the last drop of content out of the vanilla version of Torchlight II, modders are still going strong, twisting, re-vamping and moulding the game into whatever they please.

But while there many fine mods out there (more than I could hope to keep track of, really), the Synergies Mod by Salan stands apart. Billed as a "complete conversion mod for Torchlight II", it adds a new class called the Necromancer, new maps and new mobs to the game.

From the ModDB description:

SynergiesMOD is a complete conversion for Torchlight 2! Adding 108 Elite monsters, 6 Rare dragons, 28 Raid dungeons, 11 unique World Bosses, 4 Sets of Legendary armour, 16 new Tier-1 Legendary Weapons, brand new Quest lines, a new World hub for ACT5, and a whole new class: The Necromancer. Future plans include 24 planned Classes, 3 more Raid Dungeon chains, 2 Quest hubs, 2 more ACTS of overworld play, 3 more Legendary armour sets, a second tier of legendary weapons, as well as fleshing out the tier1 weapons with more options! The mod is aggressively developed and the community is being built around inclusion and discussion on our Website, Steam group and Facebook pages.

Woah. The video up top demonstrates the Necromancer's main skill, called "Skull Barrage", which sends out, well, a barrage of exploding skulls. You can learn more about the Mod over at ModDB, and check out a lengthier video of it in action here:

Synergies Mod [Official site via PCGamer]


    Sounds good

    I am still ringing all my fun out of vanilla for the time being

    But I think somewhere down the line I will be getting this

      I'm on my 3rd run through... I may just start again with this mod though. I love the item management involved in Torchlight 2. Each time it has been different enough to keep me playing.

        I only recently finished with my first character

        Life usually gets in the way of my gaming, so when my GF left early this weekend and it started raining, I took it upon myself to game, and game hard

          Should organise a Kotaku co-op TL2 session :)

            I have one in the works with @greenius

            But, all that rain wiped my internet out

            Rain floods the underground connection and then bam, no internet

            Hopefully it is back today

            Last edited 30/01/13 2:53 pm

              But from tomorrow onwards I'll have Ni no Kuni :P

                Damn you Ni no Kuni

                And Greenius

                More like No not Torchlightuni

              Aint you lucky that this game can be run without an internet connection!

              Unlike that that must not be mentioned.

    I really enjoyed Torhclight 2, but life dictated that I haven't spent as much time with ti as it deserves. I hope one day to come back to it.

    the article neglected to mention a host of game breaking bugs :v and there's such a small community that there's almost no information on what to do.

    wow great news

    thx might actually do a 3rd run in few weeks with Necro

    Mac Version? That's what I am looking forward to ... boot camp is a drag!

    What ever happened to the Steam Workshop support for this game?

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