This Is An 86-Year-Old Woman Who Plays Grand Theft Auto IV

This Is An 86-Year-Old Woman Who Plays Grand Theft Auto IV

This short clip on BBC News introduces 86-year-old Hilda Knott, who plays games for 40 years to keep her mentally active. The giant 65-inch screen helps with her eyesight.

This shouldn’t be so shocking. Everyone has seen old people playing something on Facebook or on an iPad. But the fact that she’s playing Grand Theft Auto IV, and more surprisingly Disgaea 4 — a niché japanese tactical-RPG on a Super Slim PS3 — makes everything really confusing. Too bad we cannot really see her collection next to the TV.

Computer Games Keep Me Mentally Active [BBC News Technology]


  • Faith in humanity restored

    Take this NRA

    Has this old woman ever hurt anyone??

    Admittedly their argument is that young people are affected

    Games keep this old ladies brain active

  • Yeah, she’s playing GTA IV by day, but after dark I bet she’s roaming the streets beating, shooting and robbing defenceless young men.

    Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the white males aged 18-40?!?!?

  • Living the dream! I can’t wait to retire and play video games all day long. Hopefully in a nursing home where someone brings me food

    • And changes your adult diaper for you so you don’t even have to interrupt your gaming in order to void your bowels.

      Aaaaahh… that’d be the life.

    • They sent me there to die but instead I made 16 new l33t friends. Ah retirement can’t come quick enough. Yelling at old Bill that the Dreamcast was the first console to go online while he yells the Xbox was over me.
      Then Jan comes along and says that the Mega Drive had a cable adapter in Japan and they all call her senile.
      Bring on 2040

  • And all you’ll need for the 50 geriatric LAN is a SteamBox?

    What better way to spend retirement? Meals and board provided with around the clock medical care. Comfy chairs. Playing games and building monster PC’s with all that spare cash. Assuming I’ll be old and getting Centrelink 2.0 that is. Think I’m gonna save for a decent set of dentures so I can eat the Dorito’s.

    One of my earliest post Atari 2600 memories of gaming was on NES when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was in hospital for a time and needed to take medicine and monitoring every 4 hours. That 4 hours had dwindled into about 3 after all the Doogie Howsers were done, so I had a terribly irregular sleep pattern. As a result though I was allowed into the recreation room to do as I pleased any hour of the day. Excite Bike, Duck Hunt, Super Mario and Kung Fu were what I remember best.

    The other kids on the ward were only ever awake during the day so by night, I became the NES master. I was in said hospital for a little over a month I think. Not quite 2.

    I love the idea that as the newer generations age there could well be a retirement home solely catering for games/ tech enthuiasts. Plus the whole mentally active thing… And if such a place exists while I’m still alive I’ll be there with cardigans. Imagine the cosplay events we could have!!!

    What a fitting end. Owning them noobs while I shit my nappy. Chowing down Dorito’s.

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