This Is Exactly Why I Traded My iPhone For A Galaxy Note II

Last month, I officially migrated from Apple's phone to Samsung's latest device, breaking a four-year streak of iPhone exclusivity. Next Media Animation's latest animated report explains how the winds have shifted for the two mobile giants.

It did feel a little bit like sawing off my foot at the ankle, now that I think about it.


    Um did you mean to post this on Gizmodo?

      That's the first thing i thought it was on, then saw kotaku and was confused

      Mike Fahey is the "Mobile gaming expert" of Kotaku, so he has spoken recently about his switch to the Note and it's impact on his mobile gaming.

    i wasn't too enamoured with the iPhone 5 either so i tried out a lumia 800 and an xperia play. Over all i think I still like iOS way better for my day to day. heres hoping iOS 7 and the imminent 5s will get back on track like im hoping it will. iOS is still great, as is apples hardware all it needs is a fresh coat of paint for the OS really.

      I wouldn't be looking at the xperia play as an alternative to the iPhone 5 considering its age. You'd want to look at something like a Galaxy S3.

        yeah i cant afford expensive things just for testing purposes. The lumia 800 isn't new either. I took age into account when testing

      Ditto what Braaains said, it applies to the Lumia 800 as well. I got a Lumia 920 a couple of weeks ago and can not imagine myself ever going back to iOS.

    My god, that video was BRILLIANT! :D

    a lot of genuine lol's in that

    funny and true

    Did you decide on a galaxy note before or after getting a fist full of advertising cash from samsung?

      I was sort of thinking it's getting a little suss now., too, lol There are three seperate Note 2 ads on the home page, Scribbletaku uses it instead of paper and there are articles featuring it as well. I even own one and I still think it should be reined back a little.

    Lol. Gizmodo had this article not long ago:

    I dunno, samsug are dead ducks as far as innovation or being original or cutting edge. Why do people 'feel smart' because they changed phones ? This is weird. It's like making a decision about a product is a big deal, it's not, being a good person is a big deal, getting cancer is a big deal, buying a house is a big deal, raising a family is a big deal, having a triple bypass is a big deal. Products are crap, some electronics in a shiny cover, oh blow it, and people being smug about shiny electronics that in 4 years time are worth zilch , what is that about really ?

    Or just stopped getting apple bribes. It cuts both ways.

    Sony xperia Z is my most anticipated phone...I just wish it was native android (although the camera sensor module would probably need to be sony's)

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