This Is Exactly Why I Traded My iPhone For A Galaxy Note II

This Is Exactly Why I Traded My iPhone For A Galaxy Note II

Last month, I officially migrated from Apple’s phone to Samsung’s latest device, breaking a four-year streak of iPhone exclusivity. Next Media Animation‘s latest animated report explains how the winds have shifted for the two mobile giants.

It did feel a little bit like sawing off my foot at the ankle, now that I think about it.


    • Mike Fahey is the “Mobile gaming expert” of Kotaku, so he has spoken recently about his switch to the Note and it’s impact on his mobile gaming.

  • i wasn’t too enamoured with the iPhone 5 either so i tried out a lumia 800 and an xperia play. Over all i think I still like iOS way better for my day to day. heres hoping iOS 7 and the imminent 5s will get back on track like im hoping it will. iOS is still great, as is apples hardware all it needs is a fresh coat of paint for the OS really.

    • I wouldn’t be looking at the xperia play as an alternative to the iPhone 5 considering its age. You’d want to look at something like a Galaxy S3.

      • yeah i cant afford expensive things just for testing purposes. The lumia 800 isn’t new either. I took age into account when testing

    • Ditto what Braaains said, it applies to the Lumia 800 as well. I got a Lumia 920 a couple of weeks ago and can not imagine myself ever going back to iOS.

    • I was sort of thinking it’s getting a little suss now., too, lol There are three seperate Note 2 ads on the home page, Scribbletaku uses it instead of paper and there are articles featuring it as well. I even own one and I still think it should be reined back a little.

  • I dunno, samsug are dead ducks as far as innovation or being original or cutting edge. Why do people ‘feel smart’ because they changed phones ? This is weird. It’s like making a decision about a product is a big deal, it’s not, being a good person is a big deal, getting cancer is a big deal, buying a house is a big deal, raising a family is a big deal, having a triple bypass is a big deal. Products are crap, some electronics in a shiny cover, oh blow it, and people being smug about shiny electronics that in 4 years time are worth zilch , what is that about really ?

  • Sony xperia Z is my most anticipated phone…I just wish it was native android (although the camera sensor module would probably need to be sony’s)

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