This Is How You Make A Video Game in 48 Hours

Along with literally thousands of other insane human beings, Matt Pettifer attended a Game Jam over the weekend. In 48 hours he created a playable video game alongside his buddy Ben Rejmer and for that he has my everlasting respect. But the thing that makes Matt extra awesome is this: he recorded every second of work he did on his game and created a super cool time-lapse video of the experience. If you've ever wanted to see precisely what goes into making a video game in 48 hours, this is your chance!

Watching the process at high speed is sort of hypnotising, but it's mostly bewildering. Creating a game in 48 hours is already a shrink wrapped experience of the development process, so this vid is essentially a shrink wrapped version of a shrink wrapped experience. It's intense!

I can't believe he didn't go on Facebook. Not even once.

Matt's game is called You've Got Red On You. It was made during this year's Game Jam in Melbourne and you can play the full game here


    Aaahhh that was awesome. Caught up with him on Sunday and he was just frazzled. Need to get home so I can play it :D

    Also, Ben Rejmer was co-creator, I didn't do it on my own. Pretty happy with how the game turned out, might have to make some more levels for it.

    Ludum Dare entrants often record a timelapse throughout the jam. See

    Timelapse videos make you look so productive. I've done timelapses of the past 3 ludum dare's I've done here:

    Time lapse creation videos are always awesome to watch. He also has one of my favourite Scott Pilgrim wallpapers on his desktop.

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