This Is How You Survive Attack Dogs In Black Ops II

Or, as they're now called, the K9 unit. Regardless of what you call them, dogs are no laughing matter in Call of Duty. As a scorestreak, they'll mess your shit up. But! There is a way to survive them.

It involves an assault shield though, which not everyone carries around — here is a demonstration by YouTube user defendthehouse.

Previously you could kill dogs by breaking their necks if you got the timing down right. I'm not sure if that's an option anymore. Regardless, if you have an assault shield, dog attacks aren't something you need to worry about. When you have an assault shield, you can just marvel at how cute the dogs are instead.

It might just be this idyllic music playing in the background complimenting the snarling so well that's making me say that though.

How to Survive a K9 Unit Attack! [defendthehouse]


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