This Is Latest Game From Xenoblade's Creators

Monolith Soft showed off its latest game today in a short trailer. The game footage showed a protagonist running across a field, slaying monsters and flying around in a jet pack.

The trailer also showed what looked like a motorcycle. A very cool motorcycle. And it seems like there will be lots of monsters, giving the trailer a decidedly Monster Hunter vibe.

At the end of the trailer, however, a large X in red splashed on the screen.

Kunihiko Tanaka is the game's character designer, Tetsuya Takahashi is the executive director, while Hiroyuki Sawano is doing the music. Takahashi is the creative force behind Xenogears, the Xenosaga games, and more recently, Xenoblade.


    OMFG another Xeno game? Certainly looks that way based on the giant robots, giant mobs, and even the skill bar in the bottom centre of the screen. Xenoblade 2 perhaps? This most certainly will get me buying a Wii-U

    Looks kinda like an HD Xenoblade. That beach area shown at the start looks almost exactly the same as a beach area in Colony 9 in Xenoblade.

    Xenoblade was the best JRPG I've played in years. If this turns out to be as good as that, I might buy a Wii U.

      The battle system looked kind of similar too, and I noticed a character healing with a big gun just like Sharla. I'll definitely get a Wii U just for this, hopefully it gets localised without too much drama.

    Was super hyped until the chat window in one shot got pointed out.

    If this is a multiplayer-focused game or worse an MMO, i'm out.

      If this is multi-focused, I'm in :P

      I agree on the MMO aspect though.

    Sorry, can I hear from all those people who were saying the Wii U couldn't handle PS3/360 quality graphics? This game looks stunning.

      LOL, considering the Wii U produces the graphics for the Gamepad and the TV, its more than capable of holding its own.. surprised people cant seem to realize this yet..

    All that crap about the wiius graphics was bollocks, a game developed for the wiiu will most always be better (looking :p) than a 360 game, not to mention running it at a decent frame rate.

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