This Is Like That Catchy Thrift Shop Song, Except It's About Used Games

Remember last year's super catchy tune "Thrift Shop"? It was by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and it was about the joys of being a thrifty shopper with a whole lot of swag. Here's a parody of that music video by IGN, only about used video games instead.

For comparison's sake, the original song:

Great, now I'm gonna have this stuck in my head all night. Macklemore Thrift Shop "Game Shop" Parody [IGN]


    That made me shudder. I like a good parody, but that was embarrassing.

    All of IGNs 'songs' are embarrassing. Seriously awful stuff.

    IGN embarrass themselves everytime they try to make these 'songs'.

    Parody's are usually amusing because they either have good vocals, or entertaining lyrics. This... this is just uncomfortable to watch. Cringe worthy.

    Horribly embarrassing, but I can totally relate.

    Did I just see the guys from EpicMealTime and RecklessTortuga (Online Gamer)?

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