This Is One Kick-Ass Free-To-Play First-Person Shooter

Do you miss the early days of first-person shooters when everyone was pretty much equal and the little guy had a chance of coming out on top? I just played a Free for All match of Offensive Combat, dropped in after the round had already started and still managed to win by one kill — and I suck.

Created by U4iA Games (pronounced "euphoria"), a Bellevue-based independent start-up founded by industry vets Dusty Welch and Chris Archer, Offensive Combat aims to bring the AAA console first-person shooter to the web browser, be it through the game's official website or via Facebook, where it launched today with more than 500,000 active players. That's 500,000 active players that couldn't manage to take my sorry arse down. I like those active players.

As you can see in this crappy FRAPS video I shot, Offensive Combat is a fast-and-loose shooter, balanced so that the run-and-gun newbie has a fighting chance. Notice how I begin by emptying my gun into a player that's already dead. Classy. What you don't see is me hitting the PWN button after a kill, which launches the player into a childish dance/taunt. I am too classy for that. And I don't want to die.

The PWN action a player uses can be swapped out for any number of taunts and dances, unlocked via levelling or gold. That's also how players unlock new weapons, outrageous costumes, and other bits of fun fluff. There are rental weapons for the budget-minded Limecat commando, or save up (or buy in-game currency) to go more powerful.

Not that more powerful is going to help you. In this Unity 3D-powered frag-fest there is nowhere you can hide from my wrath. Seriously, my wrath is everywhere. Come get some.


    Reminds me of the one and only time I played a CoD game online (Black Ops).

    are there AUS servers though?
    I don't feel like playing a game where I have a 200+ ping no matter how good it may be

    It looks like serious sam had sex with one of those god awful f2p shooters like combat arms

    Normally I'd be right into a game like this, particularly at a LAN but you lost me at facebook and buying in-game currency.

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