This Is One Of The Best Spartan Cosplays I've Seen Recently

According to DerpWY, the owner of this smooth-looking custom Spartan armour set, it takes at least two months of non-stop work and 5700 bucks to build something as good-looking and detailed as his creation.

Should you decide to get into it, you might want to dig through this massive manual of the Halo Costuming Community.

Custom Spartan armour Build [Imgur via Reddit]


    they have AR3's in the UNSC ?

      Budget cuts.

        Couldnt afford Battle Rifles, AKs or AUGs so they went with the next best thing. Or not.

    Cool, but the armour looks too clean. Not battle-worn enough.

    Thanks for the recognition. I did end up finally making the MA5B assault rifle, and actually added quite a few more lights to the suit, but I was way too excited when I finished to wait any longer to take photos.

    If you check out my submissions on reddit r/derpwy you'll see the gun post on there.

    @benny I like my suit clean, what can I say?

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