This Is What Far Cry 3's Vaas Was Originally Going To Look Like

The Vaas above? He didn't always exist. Months ago, we learned that Far Cry 3's Vaas wasn't originally in the game. Vaas, with his memorable 'did I ever tell you the definition of insanity' came as an inspiration from the actor Michael Mando.

When Mando came in for an audition, he did almost the exact opposite of what Ubisoft asked for. He didn't get the part, which was described as a 'sociopathic, stoic and unemotional' character. They told him they'd make a small character for him instead. That's not exactly what happened, of course.

Now, months later, we get a glimpse of what the original character was supposed to look like thanks to IGN. Check it out:

After Mando's audition, Ubisoft started redrafting Far Cry 3's villain. The big, brutish villain then became a burn victim with a "volatile, explosive, rage-filled" personality. And then, eventually, Ubisoft landed on Vaas as we currently know him, and they hired Mando as well. Thankfully, that is. The original villain looked boring and cliche.

Check out the other designs at IGN.

Far Cry 3: The Vaas That Never Was [IGN]


    Smart idea. Looks too generic. Redone Vaas much better

    Thank gawd for Michael Mando, Vaas is a awesome character.

    Vaas is easily the best thing about FC3's story. His character feels like it just comes straight out of left-field, whereas the original concept looks like a generic brute; the physicality of what you'd except from someone being forced to live in such an unforgiving environment but no suggestion of the mental toll that it takes.

      Absolutely, though they killed the villains in the wrong order I felt. Vaas should have made it to the end, been the final villain. He was so much more charismatic...

        Spoilers much? : /

          *shrug* Oh well. Since the site has hosted articles about that exact topic before, I'm not gonna start feeling guilty.

          Don't click on a Far Cry 3 article if you don't want spoilers.... geez.

            It's an article about the change the art direction took for a character that is on the front of the box. The article hardly requires anyone to post comments that contain spoilers.

              I won't say that a lax attitude towards spoilers is okay, but at the same time you can't rely on others to respect the interest in avoiding spoilers. If anyone is concerned in the slightest about spoilers, it is equally their responsibility to avoid such potentially harmful situations.

                or people could use the handily located spoiler tag

                like so

    That design just makes me think of Omid Djalili... actually if Omid voiced that iteration of him i think the game would be even better than it currently is...

    I have to say that I felt ripped off after the final showdown with Vaas. His character deserved a better demise than.... whatever the fuck happened to him. I'm still not entirely sure what went down.

    Last edited 12/01/13 5:57 pm

    is it just me or does vaas look like a coked up Tony Parker?

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