This Is Why Exploring Far Cry 3's Islands Is So Seductive

The Creator's Project series of videos continues, this time touching on the world of Far Cry 3. Specifically, they explore how a we've got the story — Jason Brody has to save his friends — and we've got the island's allure and beauty calling out like a siren. Both are intended; the video goes into why.

The effect is that the player doesn't have much guiding them toward the story — why should you care about people you don't really know? And in this way, Jason's inevitable decision to go out and enjoy the island is not only intended, but accounted for. No weirdness around what the story dictates versus what a player actually does.

Unless, of course, you played like I did, ignoring the island and sticking to the story. In which case this all kind of falls apart.

Still, they're interesting ideas.

Kill Screen Episode 4: The Open World of Far Cry 3 [The Creator's Project]


    Now I have to get Far Cry 3.


      Skyrim?.. I'm still trying to finish Captain Comic.

    Pull your finger out. :)

      I know, I know, I know. So many games, so little time...

    This is the problem with Far Cry 3

    It could have been a perfect game, if only it had multiplayer open world exploration.

    But somewhere along the line, for some reason, someone senior decided NOPE, no coop freeroam.

    I don't know who decided that, but it was a terrible decision which I think could have gotten them game of the year.

    I'm thinking everyone who said the FC3 story was rubbish were the ones who rushed straight through the main missions. Taken at a leisurely pace, with lots of exploring in between, I thought it was pretty satisfying.

    Holy shit, the playtesting and tracking software (DNA or whatever) in that video is a fucking awesome tool!

    Farcry 3 was awesome. And no, I don't want any multiplayer. This really felt like Skyrim with guns.

    The only problem was the story. Characters are all a bunch of spoilt and entitled boys and girls with rich daddys.

    They need to release a sequel with a proper story we can care about.

    "Specifically, they explore how a we’ve got the story — Jason Brody has to save his friends — and we’ve got the island’s allure and beauty calling out like a siren."

    What the hell does this mean???
    Is there an editor in the house???

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