This Jerk And His Supporters Find Joy In Harassing Women Gamers

New year, new cretins who hate women who dare to like video games. Here are a couple of videos by YouTube user ShrineNI where he tells people how to go about finding and harassing women gamers, particularly those who stream on services like TwitchTV and play World of Warcraft.His main gripe seems to be that they are attractive and are 'using' that against men who are too stupid to resist falling for them and then donating to them (his reasoning, not mine).

Juicy tidbits of the description of the above video:

They're a 4/10 in the real world, but a 9/10 in the gaming world.

I'm linking it not because I want you to subscribe, but to spread awareness of a disease known as AWS (Attention Whore Syndrome). You can help prevent future cases being developed by subscribing to ShrineNI.

Though really, the title of the video gives it away, huh?

Examining his gripe, it seems to lie with seeing that some women only like certain parts of World of Warcraft, or they don't dedicate all of their time to mastering a particular class. Because of that, they're not legit.

Actual quote from the above video that utterly baffles my mind: "We need to do a stealthy search of all the common spots you might find a girl gamer. In order to do this, we need to get into the MIND of a girl gamer."

It only gets worse as he walks through all the common faults/crimes committed by these women (which can be summarized as 'existing,' 'being attractive,' and 'not playing the way I want them to') and puts forth evidence that they are not hardcore enough to have a right to exist without criticism or harassment.

I'm kind of saddened that this whole thing didn't follow up the whole 'get into the mind of a girl gamer' thing with 'and then we must become the girl gamer.'

Because really, it's so surreal and baffling that an actual human being would be so ignorant and hateful. So much so that I'm almost having trouble believing it's true. Let's postulate, just for a second, that the video is a troll.

First off, there are two of them — see the other embedded video to the left, where he gives more in-depth 'advice' and even shows the reactions of his victims. At one instance she pleads to be left alone, to which he responds that he's going to destroy her.

Okay, maybe this is an elaborate hoax. But! But, but, but. The comments. Dear god, the comments: actually asking for further advice or rooting him on, meaning that even if the YouTube user isn't real, there are still people out there who genuinely think like he does.

And that's horrifying to think about, and part of the reason why this issue keeps coming back up. There are still people like this, despite all the constant attention brought to the issue.

Some samples:

What would you advise for a 2s comp? What would be a good partner for resto druid?

I support you though. Screw ugly whores

i want to thank you for this great idea, me and a friend have been ganking this same girl as the one in the video now for 3 hours it was alot of fun.

If you don't recognise feminism as the blight it has become on mankind, I can just think of you as a moron right back. Men and women are not the same.

You do a great service to society, but are vastly unappreciated. I commend thee, good sir. Please, have my children.

Women being manipulative sadistic bitches who think they're better than men.

The last thing I put forth for your consideration is what he says at the end of the second video, when he explains why he does it all.

"I'm not a hero, I'm a silent guardian. A watchful protector."




    Faith in humanity dashed

    By someone who would dare have the gall to call themselves a gamer of all things :(

    And now he's been given more publicity. Disgusting practice, but sadly, there's even money that he will see this article as a win for him.

      Agreed. He's a troll, plain and simple, and attention is their food. And thanks to this he's just gotten a buffet style spread. :/

        Well Patricia if you were trying to make a difference to girl gamers im afraid by getting upset, which your article was, you have given power to loser guys like this. Guys who obviously find it difficult to impress women in real life (and i mean impress, not intimidate) And sorry Patricia but you have shown you were intimidated, which is exactly what the reaction trolls/bullies/chauvinistic pigs want. So CONGRATULATIONS! Oh and this is Shrines response to your epic failure:

        So i must conclude that if you are reasonably intelligent you knew the reaction you were going to get and just wanted more hits on this page instead of actually giving a damn about online bullying which makes you a bully yourself by using the misfortunes and bad behaviour of internet trolls to increase your readership. A shining example of professional journalism im sure.

      There's one way to deal with arseholes like this..

      Favourite that link, and use it often.

    My personal opinion about this article is that jerks being jerks are not news worthy. Rather, by writing an article about them you are giving them a much bigger audience then they could have ever mustered alone.

      Not talking about issues like this does not make them go away though.

      Wow. Just.. Wow.
      I have the upsets now.

        Which part upsets you though? The misogynist content of the posted messages or the sometimes equally offensive comments mocking the losers that send them?

    This guy is just BEGGING to have the exact same thing done to him.
    "To find an arsehole gamer, we must get into the MIND of the arsehole gamer."

      I would watch videos where someone just follows assholes like this ruining their gameplay experience.

    *walks into comments section of this article in NA Kotaku*

    .... oh my.

      That is terrifying. You'll have to tell me, even though it'll upset me.

    Yet another group of men who blame women for their lack of self control

    this guy needs his balls cut off

      I doubt he'd miss them. Doesn't sound like they're getting much use anyway, otherwise he wouldn't have such a bitter and twisted towards women.

    Christ I found out about this because Youtube recommended this as a video that I would like to see because one of the people I subbed liked it.(that guy can fuck right off)
    This Shrine guy is disgusting and can....well fuck right off

    (Reads Comments in article) I don't want to live on this planet any longer....

    Streotyping a certain group of people is one thing (not new by any means) but this just seems like he has a personal vendetta against anyone with a Y chromosome. None of the male gamers I know think like this nutjob. It's unnecessarily awful people like this who make the world a terrible place, he needs to be chemically castrated to stop any potential hate monging spawns from ever being birthed into this world. Hope he gets what's coming to him.

      Women are XX, men are XY. I remember cause the Y is a penis.

    Such poor form. It's so disappointing to see this happening but I am glad I am aware of it now.

    What can you do other than if you see it, try and stop it?

    There's a lot of misogyny infecting online communities of late. I hope it's an extinction event.

      If it stops them breeding, who knows? Might burn itself out in a single generation.

    I realise that it's a touchy issue and all that but the LAST thing that should be done about it is mass exposure. Guys like that thrive off the attention .

    Honestly, can't people just ignore people like this? You're getting harassed in WoW? There's adequate measures to block communication from people in there, same as most games. Some douchebag doesn't think you're elite enough to play? Who cares, you paid the money to play the game, ignore it and go about your day without letting someone else get you down.

    Big sprawling articles pointing out every quote from the guy just serves to give him another outlet to expose himself and probably makes things worse.

      But if enough people rally against stuff like this happening maybe it will make a difference. He won't see himself being celebrated. If other male gamers stand up and speak out about how wrong stuff like this is, they might get the message.

    A counter greifing campaign should be organised to strike back against people like this

    No offence to the White Knights here but, have any of you ever been to the internet? This is exactly what it is like, regardless of gender/race/sexuality, trolls are gonna troll. Just because this one guy picked "Girls" as his target, does not make him any better or worse than whatever else is out there. So pull your heads in and get used to it. It is a PvP server, where PvP happens.

      whit knights? ARE YOU KIDDING? does finding this behaviour pathiec count as being a white knight?...go back to 4chan please

      my main point: yeah..lets not have a problem with anything "because itnernet!" amiright?

        That is the thing, your "Main Point"
        We don't have a problem with anything "because internet!" The same thing happens to everyone, stop pretending like girls cant look out for themselves as well as men.

          your basically saying we should not care about one case of dickery because "dickery is everyhwere", by that logic this kind of thing would never get solved...ever

          and "stop pretending like girls cant look out for themselves as well as men." <-is pure BS, just an excuse for you not to see it as a problem

            I am going to go by your comment further down "Hack her webcam" to take it you are either A) 10 years old or B) Didn't read the article/watch the videos. The point still stands, this is common on any PvP server. Player verse Player. Male or female, if you are dumb enough to broadcast your location to the world then you are going to be killed. No question about it. While his motives are off, there is logic behind it, there is a set of rules, one being "There are no girls on the internet".
            Before you get all high and mighty, have a read of this
            And if you are, in fact 10 (and reading is hard when you are little) the basic principal is, Girls have an advantage in real life, online gaming takes that advantage away. The only reason to advertise the fact you are female would be to get that little advantage back. Very simple really, then here we are with this video. I am certain the same thing has happened to every male streamer, but why make a deal out of that? Who cares if the guy gets ganked over and over, it may not even be because he is streaming. Play on a PvP server in the same zone that second video was located and you wont be able to go 10 minutes without PvP and it happens a lot. As for the rest of you, i use the term White Knight in a derogatory sense, you all pretend to be the big brave man coming to the rescue of these poor damsels because boobs. Smitten fools, she can handle herself and if you think she cant, maybe it is time to re-assess your own sexist views.

              Girls have an advantage in real life? What planet do you live on? There is no country in the world where women have any kind of advantage over men. Many women may have an advantage over YOU, but rest assured that is because you are a desperate loser and not because you are a man.

                I live in a first world country in which, (unless you live in a poorer area riddled with violence) women have the upper hand of the law. We assume men are the aggressors of everything so this is a default stance to take and that is fine, don't start none, wont be none. The point here I was originally making would be the fact that this deserved an article in the first place.
                Maybe the title would have been more accurate of it read "Girl on PvP server gets ganked after advertising her position live to the world". Hardly news.
                Stack it up against Serenity Now and some of their exploits, I have no sympathy for someone who gets ganked because rest assured they were on the opposing more often than not.

                N.B. she is also rolling horde, she could have an army at her disposal with one swift message to someone in a capital.

                  Women have the upper hand of the law? Give me a freaking break. You really need to think again if you believe that statement!

                  Seriously, Hurdur, you're a dick. Cookie's right, you're deluded. Go meet some women, liberate your myopic views and cease being human filth.

              *sigh*...oh for the love of-

              it was a geniunine question, I play games but I am unfamiliar with the competitive online scene and this thing with webcams I don;t know (though there was that one story of a guy who streamed his wanking session live) so I'm assuming its common practice to stream yourself or something along with the match? please enlighten me...actually no...don't..I've had enough "enlightenment" from you

              also this is the same patehtic juvinille behaviour right here "girls get an advantage in real life -THAT right there, is where I stoped reading your BS. This is all coming from that juvinille little corner where a bunch of pathetic man-children get upset girls are invading their space, you try and turn it around and claim sexism? and everyone who responds negatively is a white knight? no....are girls ONLY aloud to speak out against this thing? can guys not have a problem with it too? oh hey..mens mental health awareness? HA HA! fuck those guys, I'm not donating money men are supposed to look after themselves right?

              advertising ones gender for attention is one hting..and I pity those who do it and whose who fall for it. But there's no reason I should have to pretend I'm a guy just because the female presence brings out the spastic in some people

              go back to 4chan and grow the F*** up..please

                Bump, I can only reply to one mouth breather at a time so you will just have to be offended at the reply to "EG".

      I find it amusing when the term "White Knight" is bandied about. Often it seems to be used to justify shameful behaviour. There's a time and place for the term, but this isn't it.

        I've never seen it used for that purpose, I only recognize the term in reference to people who point out the flaws of another by making contrast to their position of righteousness

          It should be used to expose self-righteousness, or even over protectiveness, in respect to the opposite sex. I see it used more often as an accusation, an ad hominem attack, when a guy tries to defend a female from harassment.

            I do admit I see that a lot. I suppose the argument comes from the fact that the person seems to be defending them as a matter of course rather than because they actually agree/disagree. It must be ridiculously hard to be sure.

      Yep, this.

      The guy is an absolute douchebag, no doubt - anyone who has spent time playing WoW on a PvP server will know this kind of griefing happens all the time.

      However, the "girl gamers" on Twitch who attempt to exploit their sexuality for stream views, donations, in-game gear, etc. aren't doing their gender any favours either.

    To all those saying "ignore him": _NO_.

    Creeps like this keep doing the shit they're doing because the small number of creeps who agree with them egg them on, and the vast majority who know they are creeps ignore it. All these guys hear is approval. They need to know that most men think they are pathetic, and it's only their fellow undersocialised mouthbreathers who are entertained by their cruelty.

    We need to shine a light on these cockroaches so they'll scurry away.

    If this is real, then this guy is probably just pissed off because a girl gamer spurned his advances and his fragile little ego couldn't handle it. Instead of acting like a well rounded, mature adult and getting over it and moving on, he's decided to take his problems out on innocent women because screw them bitches. His situation would be funny if his actions weren't so pathetic.

    Re attention whore girl gamers, not all female gamers are attention whores (I hate the term "girl gamer". What's wrong with just "gamer"?). Saying all female gamers only play for attention is like saying all male gamers are overweight, antisocial creeps who still live with their parents and have yet to lose their virginity. It's a ridiculous generalization and anyone dumb enough to believe either isn't really worth the time to write a whole article about it on Kotaku.

    Another option is reporting the video to YouTube for "bullying". Just click the flag icon and follow the steps.

    Here's something fun to think about - how DO you deal with female gamers who actually *are* attempting to exploit their gender for gain?

    You don't see many male gamers using their online presence (often quite blatantly) to solicit things from others in the same way.

    It's not so much a question of 'oh guys just need to control themselves' as it's just as valid to rail against the manipulation engaged in by these women as it is any other form of online bullying/manipulation.

    So in order to avoid a horrendous case of double standards, how do you suggest dealing with these actual 'attention whores'?

    And for each answer you give, ask whether that applies to people of the other gender and if not, why not.

    Gender parity is neither white knighting nor aggressive misogyny but it seems that people often find it hard to find a middle ground.

    And by 'people' I mean 'males'.

    Oh yes I did ;)

      Probably the same way one deals with trolls (of either gender); ignore them and they might go away. If no-one's giving them things (such as attention to whatever else they may be asking for) they might stop, get bored, and go find something else to do (or probably just other groups of males to exploit).

        Yet Patricia Hernandez gets to write an article about trolling and have it littered with comments tut-tutting.

        I wonder what would happen if a male writer composed a similar article focusing as aggressively on a young female gamer who was using her *physical assets* to manipulate vulnerable men into parting with cash?

        What do you think?

          They're called strippers, and it's a perfectly legal profession.

          I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd still be "tut-tutting" about the person doing the wrong thing regardless of gender. It's pathetic for a male gamer to be harassing female gamers simply because they're female gamers, just like it's pathetic for female gamers to use their "physical assets" to manipulate male gamers. However, there is a slight difference between the two; the men in this hypothetical situation don't have to send these women money. They could just see these women for what they are and ignore them, whereas the female gamers in this article are, presumably, not doing anything wrong other than being born with a vagina rather than a penis.

            The point is that you will be waiting a long time before you see '"tut-tutting" about the person doing the wrong thing regardless of gender' as long as articles like this focus on generating OUTRAGE rather than reasoned analysis of behaviour and thoughtful consideration of applicable solutions.

            This is just the latest article to bandwagon off a series of gender-related issues that have arisen in the gaming sector in the last year or so. While having the generally admirable aim of reducing obvious gender inequality, like most of them it is ham-fisted, pejorative and somewhat hypocritical in its treatment of the problem.

            In short, this article - NOT HELPING.

            I recommend Patricia try and write a thought-provoking, considered article - and when the comments section is something other than a split between outraged *white knighting* and slack-jawed misogyny, then we will be getting somewhere.

    Didn't the author post an article *yesterday* saying how hilarious she found CoD griefing videos?

    Not trying to take away from this issue, but how can she possibly reconcile these two posts?

      Because none of the CoD griefing was specifically directed at women because they are women?

    You can always tell an article is written by Patricia before you read the by-line.


      Last edited 04/01/13 6:07 pm

    If it was a woman doing this about men, most of the people here would laugh :\

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