This Nerdy Explanation For Pokémon X/Y Might Blow Your Mind

At first look, the titles for the new Pokémon, Pocket Monsters X and Pocket Monsters Y, sound like its creators are out of ideas. They sound like a joke — no wonder why they were perhaps suggested as such in 2008. But dig a little deeper (way deeper!), and things get interesting.

What if X and Y referred to biology? This could be a stretch by excited fans, sure, but as noted on Tumblr site Turnip's Tumbles, the new legendary Pokémon could explain the titles:

Xerneas and Yveltal look very organic.

Xerneas represents a Neuron, Yveltal represents Muscles and Blood.

That means 2 of the 3 germ layers are covered.

Almost all animals develop out of 3 layers.

The third missing layer is the Endoderm.

The third legendary will represent the Endoderm.

This is some seriously deep and geeky theorising, which is nothing new to Pokémon games (remember that Ground Zero theory in Pokémon Black/White?). This latest theory also makes sense! Have a look at this image (click for full size):

Kotaku is following up with Nintendo and will update this post should the company comment.

All Higher Animals Developer Out of 3 Germ Layers [Turnip's Tumbles]


    Patterns will always appear to those who look hard enough. But they're probably bullshit patterns that won't actually be the answer anyway.

    What's the bet this is reaching a bit too far and they're only calling it X and Y because they want to be hip with the media calling things Gen Y and Gen X?

    Then again I was only in the first pokemon generation...upon googling I was amazed it reached generation 6...god I feel old.

    I like to think that it's X and Y (and Z) as in 3D co-ordinates in space because it's coming to the 3DS and it's all been overhauled in 3D.

      That was my immediate reaction too. But after seeing the logos for the game, I think the biology thing is pretty much cemented (despite the article thinking it's a stretch :P)

      You can see in the middle of the logo that there's a small double-helix of DNA-looking stuff.

        Im with you on the DNA angle, given that in BW2 they start "fusing" dna to make epic pokemon.
        It makes sense that the next step would be to allow more "fusions" than the 1 in bw2

        Makes no sense for it to be biology, it's quite obviously 3D related.

          Did you play BW2? they seem to be moving into the DNA of pokemon more and more each game, if they keep on that same track as being able to fuse the legendaries i dont see how this is too far out of the realm of possibility.

            X, Y and Z have to do with 3D, considering it's the first 3D pokemon and the first on the 3DS, it is more likely to be about the 3D than DNA.

              See i know thats what seems obvious, but given the context of the games the last few itterations, i think its more than that, hence the DNA angle.

              Also, take a look at this pic, there is a small mark in the name that looks like a "DNA double helix", so i say again, as obvious as the 3D angle is, it's entirely plausable that it could also be in relation to biology.

              Why does it have to be solely XYZ axes? Why can't it also have genetics as a theme? Pretty hard to forge a mythos about pokemon EVOLVING out of just axes alone.

    This. I thought it was pretty obvious X and Y would be linked to it being 3D.

      Although what we label X, Y and Z in 3D are totally arbitrary, it would only make sense if they released all three games at once because, at the moment, the two letters they've used are the ones traditionally assigned to the two axes that have been present in EVERY Pokemon game in the past

    "What if X and Y referred to biology?" Cue sex joke

    My first thought when hearing of X and Y was biology as well, but I was more thinking of the X and Y chromosomes.

      except that the chromosomes are xx and xy so just X and Y makes no sense, whereas it's the first games on the 3DS and the first fully 3D pokemon games, so obviously it has to do with the X Y and Z 3D co-ordinates.

    I was thinking X and Y were just referring to chromosomes.

    1 for boys, 1 for girls. That way this gen- they won't overproduce the under selling of the 2 titles.

    The Japanese logo actually features a DNA "motif" above the title. With the concept of axes and chromosomes, it seems like this might have a number of layers to the meaning.

    I much prefer the Sound/Light theory.

    Where the multicoloured antlers are the light-spectrum......I forget the rest of the theory, it's on Reddit.

    Can't it be for both reasons of biology AND 3D.
    They have been steering that way with Pokemon and it is now on the 3D portable.

    Its X And Y because they look like those capital letters in the picture.

    People need to lighten up and realize that these are just people's guesses as to what could be going on in this game. I happen to love this whole concept because I'm really into anatomy and physiology. I was thinking that if this could be possible (which it probably isn't, no need to poke holes), Xerenas could have a Psychic/Electric type. I don't think we've had one of those yet and it fits a neuron perfectly.

    The 3rd Legendary will be called zygote It's an biological therm in the Endoderm and starts with Z

      Good call!
      Zygarde even looks like an organ molecule thing

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