This Short Manga Shows How Tough Making Anime Can Be

A good anime, like any good artistic material, can move you, drive you and stick with you for your entire life. Most of us only get to see the finished product (and maybe some behind the scenes footage from bonus features).

While it is somewhat well-known that the working conditions for manga artists and animators are not great, one manga paints a brief picture on just how hard it can be.

Picked up on the Japanese blog Yaraon!, this manga, titled 90% Job Turnover!? The Truth About Animators is more than just an eight-page look at the job description of Japanese animators, but rather, a boots on the ground examination of the industry. The manga is short, but it makes its point fairly bluntly: making anime is not for the faint of heart.

While this manga is not representative of all anime production studios, it does seem to reflect the general atmosphere. In the above gallery, you can read the manga, which I have translated from its original Japanese.

離職率90%!?アニメーターの真実という漫画 [やらおん!]


    So essentially Bakuman minus the optimism, and about anime instead of manga?
    Regardless i liked it even if i did have to fullscreen the pictures because they aren't displaying properly (only showing the top half of each image)

    Or Anime Runner Kuromi minus the zanyness.

    So important to live your drams. Even if you find out your dram is not what you thought it was.

    Dram on my friends. I'll be seeing you all, in my drams :)

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