This Skyrim iPad Case Looks So Real It Might Be Made Out Of Elf Skin

Etsy user GeekifyInc created this custom case, so you can convert your iPad into one of the most recognisable Daedric items in Skyrim, the Oghma Infinium. You'll just have to fork over $US68.95 if you want to buy it.

The original in-game item looks suspiciously similar to the case. Let's hope no elves were harmed during the creation.

In-game picture: The Elder Scrolls Wiki


    Though I knew it unlikely, I was still kinda hoping that old guy in the ice cave was right, and that the Dwemer lockbox contained Lorkhan's Heart. Still, wasn't too disappointed with the Oghma Infinium.

      Lorkhan's Heart would have been cool, may have let us run into Vivec later on in the series :(
      I miss that floaty, golden-ass half god.

        I remember one time, I saved in front of him, and decided to kill him for Wraithguard as a joke. Took me over half an hour to beat his ass down =P

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