This Stupid Sandy Hook 'Game' Is Probably Fake

People wasted no time last month following the tragic events at Sandy Hook, judging from the existence of a dev blog that purports to show screenshots of Sandy Hook: The Game. According to the website, the game is the "official video game of the sandy hook massacre, you play as Adam Lanza".

Not much is shown in terms of game design, which makes it difficult to judge whether or not this is real. My gut says no, especially given how flippant it all seems (there is a postcard that straight has a caption with the word 'edgy' in it), but that may be mostly because I want to have a shred of hope in humanity. Also because the game just seems fake somehow.

"Dylan Hockley tells you to have a very edgy Christmas."

If it is real, it seems to be in early stages of development. It seems that there are plans for certain characters such as Nancy Lanza, and some of the professors at the school.

Despite the obvious discomfort around such an idea, perhaps this shouldn't be surprising — Columbine had its own game, after all. Regardless, this looks kind of stupid.

We are reaching out to the folks behind the blog to find out more and will update as we come to know more information.

UPDATE: The game has an indieDB page, made by the same user behind the blog—LiveCort. The game's full page has been taken down though, possibly because of the subject matter.

Either way, the profile claims that the game developer is 37 and from Canada. Apparently he has worked on a different game called The Kid's Super Tower Defence as well.


    I played scrpg, it was good, it made you think about the events, how poorly planned it was and how it could have been far worse. Scrpg was a well thought out piece of edutainment. This, this is nothing even close... The fuck is wrong with people...

    This just looks like a cheap grasp for some attention at the victims expense. What a parasite.

    I know trolls love the attention... but I'll bite.

    Clearly the developer is in need of help. This is either a person seeking attention (in all the wrong ways) or a seriously damaged individual who thinks others might find this enthralling... or both. Either way, the less attention this gets the better.

    I'd like to chip in with a different opinion and ask: What's wrong with this? Yes yes, I know, the whole it's a tragedy thing and treat it with respect thing but... can't we just accept that things like this affect everyone in different ways, or not at all? In America, I can see it being a huge deal, in Australia, you barely here about it. Why? Because it's not that big of a deal. The further you are away from the incident, the less it affects you.

    I guess my point is, is why are we trying to say that "The developer is in need of help" or other such things that I know will follow, simply because it doesn't hit them hard. I mean, a game comes out of almost anything that hits world wide news. If a tragedy doesn't affect you, why SHOULDN'T you make a game of it? And why should we expect people to react the way we do?

      On the one hand, I agree, since we have best selling games that are based on wars that were real and people the world over were involved in and many know people that died in them. On the other hand, this is about something that is smaller and more personal in its execution. The game's brief description sounds like it's a celebration of what Adam did meaning that it's basically saying that what he did was an acceptable act.

      It comes down to your own morals, but basically, if you're ok with this, then you can't complain if someone decides to make a game about the murder of your own family and/or friends.

    I'm guessing he made this "game" in order to draw quick attention to satisfy some deep-seated need to be popular.

    ... which you have now done for him. Great work.

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