This Sure Is A Homemade Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer

From the guys who brought you that homemade version of the Man of Steel trailer comes this latest adventure in sweding, applied to the trailer for J.J. "TrekWars" Abrams' upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness. Highlight for me: The guys trying to vocally re-create the Inception horn.

I actually rewatched Abrams' Star Trek yesterday. I think the opening 30 minutes or so are my favourite part. But so, okay: How the hell did Kirk meet up with old-Spock on the ice planet? I mean, how the fuck did that happen? It was the ultimate plot contrivance. Wasn't there some other way to write around that? I guess not. Anyway. I still think that movie was a lot of fun.

How's everyone doing? Playing anything good? Watching any good TV? Reading any good books? Is anyone out there reading Young Avengers? I'm midway through Phonogram and I really want to pick it up once I'm done. Did you see Girls last night? It was really funny. Wow, that's a lot of questions from me.

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