This Totoro Skin Suit Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Totoro, what have they done to you? This... this isn't right. You're supposed to be soft and cuddly. I'm supposed to want to bounce on your belly. Instead, Laughing Squid found THIS.

As well as THIS:

Imagined caption by our own Chris Person, who also created the gifs in this post: "Would you be my neighbour? I'd be my neighbour." *Goodbye Horses plays in the background*

A Skin-Tight Totoro Full Body Spandex Suit [Laughing Squid]


    Ohh shhhhi - totoro been getting all hot agda gym.


    ... That shit aint Totoro, that's the stuff of nightmares o.0

    Worthless insipid comment about how creeped out I am and how I won't be able to sleep tonight due to how terrifying those innocuous images are!

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