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We're getting closer and closer to the understanding that the video games industry is not the same as the toy industry - that is, it's actually possible to sell things when it's not Christmas. That said, January is a lonely month for game releases. Platinum fans will already be onto Anarchy Reigns, and of course we all have our piles of shame to play, but this week it's all about one game... And it rhymes with Schmevil Schmay Schmy.

DmC Devil May Cry

What is it? A divisive reimagining of the Devil May Cry games with a younger, edgier Dante protagonist. It aims to stay true to the original style of fast, combo-oriented combat. Should I care? That's a very good question. Changing such an iconic character as Dante has already made some people angry, even though it's been hinted that this is just a younger Dante. With the studio behind Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, you can expect a capable narrative. But question marks are over if they can replicate the depth of combat, and epic scale of boss fights.

Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

What is it? A campaign extension for the addictive shooter Borderlands 2. Should I care? This takes place on an entirely new continent called Aegrus, and promises a "lengthy" and "challenging" trek to try and bag bigger game than you can find on the mainland. C'mon. You know you can't resist those little numbers popping up when you shoot.

World of Warcraft Monopoly

What is it? It's come down to this, folks. We're posting about a board game. Should I care? Don't expect any major changes to the game. If you're a massive WoW fan, and need to have inns on Orgrimmar and the Undercity, now is the time.

Spellforce 2: The Golden Fool

What is it? A campaign extension for a game that's "70% RPG and 30% RTS". Should I care? You'll know if you like Spellforce 2, and this gives you four more hours of it. The Golden Fool is the second scenario for Faith in Destiny, and sees you playing as one of the NPCs in the lead-up to the game's main events.


    DmC will definitely be my first 2013 title and I've never played any DMC title before So I got no reason to be mad about the changes.

    Overall I'm looking forward to this release.

    Borderlands 2 DLC for me will be fun. DmC will be a PC pickup at some point after a price drop.

    I played the DMC demo the other day and it was really good, up until now i've taken a 'wait and see' approach, but playing it defnitely won me over. Combat was great, the potential for crazy acrobatic almost endless combos is really cool. It seems right in line with all the other DMCs (3 being my favourite) in terms of characterisation and story as well.

    I didn't like Heavenly sword (controls were atrocious) and enslaved was 'ok' but DMC really feels perfect; over the top story wise and super tight and frenetic gameplay wise. Def want to check it out.

    Well I guess I'll be playing Borderlands 2, since we already bought the season pass for the DLC. Otherwise I'm not sure if DLC would be getting me interested in going back, to be honest.

    These posts are SO much better when Mark's not doing them. So much detail and actually interesting things/opinions to read.

    you might want to put dragonborn down for this week as well for the PC at least (i really do feel for the ps3 users) as its well after the 30day shit that microsoft pulled and has apprently been in beta for a while ( even though we all know that not a single issue that was in the 360 version will be fixed in the PC or Ps3 version)

    Wow, a new Spellforce expansion? Wasn't expecting that. I though the series was done with. For a game that loves to hype how many hundreds of hours long it is, 4 hours isn't really much.

    Woohoo! Welcome back Junglist! I was skipping the "this week in games" because they were really shallow and useless, but that's different. Can we keep you Junglist, please?

    Can we talk about the fact that while the story about Vergil turning into a dinosaur was fake, he still snipes a baby.
    Ninja Theory should not be allowed to make games.

    Used to play CSS competitively with junglist, moo etc. Good to see you back doing gaming stuff, Good Game was terrible without you!

    Nah I disagree... It wasn't bad with junglist but its better without him I enjoy it far more with hex.

      Hex is awful, knows very little about gaming and is eye candy.

      Face it.

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