This Week In Games: Grover Forever

This early in the year, you can't expect much in the way of new games releases, although anyone with a notable felt fetish might be getting excited. I wear my Muppet fandom proudly, even though my own kids are a bit beyond the Sesame Street age. Still, it's one of only a handful of new titles this week.

Kinect Sesame Street TV/Kinect Nat Geo TV Season 2 (Xbox 360)

What is it? Eight New episodes of the Kinect enabled Sesame Street and National Geographic Kinect titles, yours for forty bucks. Felt and fur predominate. Should you care? Not at all if you don't have kids; if you do, they're very well made, but like any mostly-video product, have a limited shelf life if the first "seasons" were anything to go by.

The Sims 3: Monte Vista (PC)

What is it? It's a time hole. (Sorry, I had to get that joke in there somewhere). It's yet another Sims expansion pack with a markedly Italian flavour. Should you care? By now, chances are good that you already know if you care about The Sims or not. If you fervently wish to bake virtual Calzones, you can. Make mine with extra salami.

Anarchy Reigns (Xbox 360, PS3)

What is it?A beat-em-up with characters from Madworld, and, as DLC, Bayonetta with a strong focus on over-the-top action. Should you care? Kick. Punch. Is it all, as Chop Chop Master Onion (and, arguably, Spike Milligan) posited, all in the mind? Anarchy Reigns seems to have managed only meagre reviews in its Japanese iteration, but there are hardcore beat-em-up fans out there who might want a bit more gory fighting action.


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