This Week In The Business: 'Prospects For PS Vita In 2013 Don't Look Any Rosier.'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Prospects for PS Vita in 2013 don't look any rosier." — West Coast editor for, Steve Peterson, outlines the biggest losers of 2012 and why Sony's portable unfortunately made the list.

QUOTE | "I played Mario Galaxy 2 for about an hour before I was bored shitless." — Dan Marshall of Size 5 Games, talking with other developers about the state of the game industry and why Nintendo is struggling.

QUOTE | "Our conclusion is the Nintendo Wii U launch has been slightly disappointing." — Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia, talking about their assessment of the Wii U's sales so far.

QUOTE | "We've seen them iterate and polish their ideas to a shine and now we're seeing them beat those same ideas into the ground." — Brendan Sinclair, GamesIndustry International journalist, talking with other journalists about whether game quality is declining.

QUOTE | "Flat is the new up." — John Davison, formerly head of GameSpot and Metacritic, talking about the viewer numbers for game-related sites, and the future of gaming journalism.

QUOTE | "It makes Facebook a fantastic core option for gamers." — Dusty Welch, CEO of U4iA Games, talking about their new FPS game Offensive Combat and the future of core gaming on Facebook

STAT | 425 million — Number of Internet-connected devices in US homes, compared to only 315 million residents; game consoles are the third-largest category of online devices.

STAT | 1.76 billion — Number of apps downloaded between Christmas and New Year's Day; app downloads are expected to hit one billion per week on a regular basis sometime this year.

QUOTE | "The Smart TV is lying face-down in a stagnant pond unless it has its 'iPhone moment.'" — Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking about why Smart TVs will not be the next big gaming platform.

STAT | $US2.6 million — Amount of money raised by the Humble Indie Bundle 7; the money is shared by the game developers and the Child's Play charity.

This Week in the Business courtesy of GamesIndustry International.

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    This is depressing.
    Also, anyone who was bored by Mario Galaxy 2 has no soul.

      guess i have no soul :(, I just found it lacked a good story like the first one had.

        Yeah, I couldn't even swallow and hour of it, the first Galaxy was pretty good, but Nintendo in typical Nintendo fashion just decided to heap out another spoonful of half imagined sameiness

    It's fine. Has that guy even seen the release calender?

    “I played Mario Galaxy 2 for about an hour before I was bored shitless.” - U R GAY.

    “Our conclusion is the Nintendo Wii U launch has been slightly disappointing.” - Last I heard the WiiU sold out.

    “Flat is the new up.” - well that is because Videogame sites do not talk about Videogames anymore.

    “It makes Facebook a fantastic core option for gamers.” - Yeah, right, Core PC gamers use their PC to play games on Facebook? 'If I wan't to use Steam I'd by an Smartphone, god you'are dumb'

    “The Smart TV is lying face-down in a stagnant pond unless it has its ‘iPhone moment.’ - Most people probably forgot to plug the Ethernet cable in, or plugged the phone cable into the ethernet port - one of the two...

      Re: Smart TV. I have mine with wifi. It truly is terrible. Even just browsing the web is a trial. Slow and useless with a horrible input solution. Streaming is half the speed of any other device I have.

      All this with a 6 month old Samsung D9000. The TV itself is amazing but the Smart TV side isn't a viable option for anything. Can't even compare to plugging a PC into it or even the PS3.

        Just what I think about the noted industry statements. Counter-points not really needed.

      I agree with your points, not necessarily the way you pointed them, but Smart TV has yet to do anything interesting, especially when your asking me to replace my relatively new normal TV that while having several of the Smart TV functions doesn't have them all.

      And I do own a PC and a netbook, with a Tablet and Smart Phone on the Horizon, why am I going to get a new TV that has the same basic functions as a bunch of devices I already own? Smart TV is going to be like car Air Con, every car has it and it's no longer an optional or a special feature it's a basic standard feature like a steering wheel.

    I'd like to see the Vita succeed this year, but I am not sure how Sony intends on doing it. A price cut seems like the most obvious first step.

      They also need to back themselves with software instead of waiting for third parties to do it.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 was boring as hell. It was more rehashed than any subsequent COD release, and what's worse, it was released a few years after the first, showing how nintendo were fumbling around to find a new idea, and failing at it.

      Or... they weren't looking for a new idea, and made a sequel because people wanted one, and subsequently gave it almost universal praise?

      If you thought they were trying to reinvent the wheel with SMG2 and not just make more of the same, then your expectations were wrong to start with.

      Super Mario Galaxy 2 was great - but if you're not into Platformers why did you bother?

    I was bored by SMG2 too. I 100%'d the first one too. It just felt redundant, but I was too scared to voice my opinion because so many people were crazy die hard fans lol.

    I feel bad for anyone who could not find joy within SMG2. It is just quality gaming. Sure you could find fault with individual elements or jumps within a level, but to question it's value as a game is to admit that people can no longer just have fun. Story? Re-hashing? Please! It's a freaking skill tester!

    Sony have sold more Pocketstations than Vitas, I hope it stays that way.

    You know, I used to doubt the vita, but a mate bought me one for christmas (utter fking champ) and I love it so much. It's actually replaced my iPad 2 on my daily journeys.
    There are hours and hours of fun games on it right now (particularly enjoying virtues last reward even though its also on 3ds) like dokuro or persona 4 among others. Its music playback also sounds mint compared to my ipad too even with EQ settings adjusted. It just needs a steady stream of games developed for it (and those horribly priced memory cards to come way way down in price) and It'l be fine. I can see it living in harmony in my bad along with my 3ds comfortably :) (Don't let me down sony)

    Also, side note. It's total BS they didnt release the white vita in australia.
    Second side note, no region locking is just fantastic.

      I think the problem with the Vita is not the machine itself is fantastic (Apple iProducts and the provided earphones have never had great sound) but it's lacking software that people can get on a cheaper machine, that uses standardised memory instead of proprietry.

      I'm not trying to knock it, but it needs better software or Nintendo will win the Handheld war like they have every other time. Remember a Black & Greenish Gameboy beat the Coloured and more powerful Game Gear and Atari Lynx. Nintendo has had just shy of 15 years dominance here. Sony need the must have games to be plentiful not bad Vita versions of major titles.

      Once again, love the product but don't see enough games I want to justify buying it.

      Last edited 06/01/13 11:36 pm

        You'd think that but i currently have a library much larger than i can see myself finishing in any kind of hurry. And they are all Quality too and I have been having a blast playing them.

        Gravity rush, Virtues last reward, Persona 4, Uncharted, Little big planet vita (essentially the vitas app store and everything is free), Sound shapes, Lumines Electronic Symphony, Dokuro, Rayman origins.
        And then all the psp/ps1 titles I already owned on PSN too like castlevania, riviera, every final fantasy 1 till 9, (I'm hoping X comes out for the vita too when its released in HD), Prinny can I really be a hero, Tactics ogre war of the lions. And It all looks way better on the vita than It did on my psp plus I no longer have to be so anal about screen protection because of how the screen on the vita is made of glass and not plastic.

        Other nice things I found, You can take screenshots of the games you are playing by holding down the PS button and pressing start which then you can upload to facebook or twitter via the various apps. you can also make skype calls while you play games.
        And you can also play any music you want from your collection while you play games and it intelligently mutes the game music and leaves the SE on (Vita titles only for this one though im pretty sure)
        (And yeah i know apple stuff's sound is bad, was just saiyan haha) Agree with you on the memory too. Though I don't care if its not standardized but it needs to be way cheaper.
        Wouldent hurt to get some of the big PSP titles like Crisis core or Kingdom hearts on the australian PSN too while they are at it. . .

        But anyway, there are games, lots of games. The lineup in the next 6 months is looking a little bleak but honestly I think I have enough on this system atm to last me that long. And no one says I cant switch back and fourth between my 3ds during the small dry spell (like the 3ds is having right now if you have been playing through all the good titles as they come out like I have been)

          My problem with the psVita is the price. If it dropped I would get it. The other thing that concerns me is the memory card. It was a dick move from sydney and it's ruining it's machine.

            Really there are two things that could save the Vita in 2013

            A Price Cut -- surely this has to happen this year, Sony cant be this stupid not to make that move

            And more importantly

            It needs the big franchises that could a tually move it -- don't get me wrong, I love my Vita and I think it has some fantastic games on it right now. I loved Littlebigplanet Vita, I'm loving Persona 4 Golden

            But is Persona 4 really going to move in the systems in the same way that something like a GTA title could???

            It needs Franchises that will help move the hardware.

            For Japan I would argue that it would be something along the lines of a Monster Hunter or even maybe a Yakuza game on the Vita could do the trick

            In the West, well GTA San Andreas Stories surely could help move units

            Whether or not that will happen is another story

            I'm not writing off the Vita though, I think with a price cut and some new games (hopefully) announced sooner then later then it could potentially be turned around

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