This Week's Android Charts: It's Time I Looked Into This Ruzzle Thing

I put the weekly Android charts on hiatus for a month and look what happens! You folks got Ruzzle all over the place. You even spilled it on the iPhone charts. Looks like I'm just going to have to keep a closer eye on things from here on out.

While I was working on a new format for the weekly Android charts that didn't involve me spending two hours every morning pulling images and trying to find something witty to say about Flow Free for the thousandth time, Mag Interactive's Ruzzle has been ramping up to some 15 million global users. Apparently people really love competitive Boggle. At this rate Hasbro is going to have to release a re-branded version of its own classic word dice game, much like it's done with the home version of Scrabble-clone Words with Friends.

Join us next week as all of those "N/A" entries magically transform into rebooted position tracking numbers. Until then, revel in the simplicity with me.

Top Paid Android Games — January 16, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Ruzzle N/A N/A
2. Minecraft Pocket Edition N/A N/A
3. Where's My Water? N/A N/A
4. Need for Speed Most Wanted N/A N/A
5. Grand Theft Auto III N/A N/A
6. Angry Birds Space Premium N/A N/A
7. Where's My Perry? N/A N/A
8. Draw Something N/A N/A
9. Scramble with Friends N/A N/A
10. Fruit Ninja N/A N/A

Top Free Android Games — January 16, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Ruzzle Free N/A N/A
2. Subway Surfers N/A N/A
3. Fun Run - Multiplayer Race N/A N/A
4. Temple Run N/A N/A
5. Candy Crush Saga N/A N/A
6. Angry Birds Star Wars N/A N/A
7. Flow Free N/A N/A
8. Hill Climb Racing N/A N/A
9. Angry Birds N/A N/A
10. Trial Xtreme 3 N/A N/A


    I haven't tried it yet, but how is this Ruzzle different from Scramble?

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