This Week's iPhone Charts: The Minecraft Connection

Welcome to the all-new, all-improved, all much simpler formatted as to not kill myself every morning weekly app rankings. The ponderous and sloppy image-heavy format has been exchanged for a tasteful table, which makes it much easier to notice things like Minecraft proper and a 2D Minecraft "homage" holding both number two spots in the charts this week.

Minecraft Pocket Edition has been hovering around the second entry in the paid charts forever, so that's not really a surprise. What is a surprise is how quickly The Blockheads, essentially free Minecraft on a 2D plane, rose to meet its inspiration over on the free charts. Debuting just last week to equal parts praise and derision on iTunes, the free price tag and the startling similarities between this building game and the one that made Mojang millions have skyrocketed The Blockheads nearly to the top.

Join me next week, when I relaunch the magic of week-to-week rank tracking, replacing those N/As with numbers that promise to be quite telling indeed.

Top Paid iPhone Games — January 15, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Angry Birds Star Wars N/A N/A
2. Minecraft Pocket Edition N/A N/A
3. Scribblenauts Remix N/A N/A
4. Plague, Inc. N/A N/A
5. Arms Cartel Global N/A N/A
6. Wipeout N/A N/A
7. Flow Free: Bridges N/A N/A
8. Joe Danger Touch N/A N/A
9. Bad Piggies N/A N/A
10. Bloons TD 5 N/A N/A

Top Free iPhone Games — January 15, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Ruzzle N/A N/A
2. The Blockheads N/A N/A
3. Fun Run - Multiplayer Race N/A N/A
4. Subway Surfers N/A N/A
5. Candy Crush Saga N/A N/A
6. A Little War N/A N/A
7. Bingo Vegas N/A N/A
8. Flow Free N/A N/A
9. Hill Climb Racing N/A N/A
10. Icon Pop Quiz N/A N/A


    Why is Punch Quest not on here :(

    Oh man, seeing Wipeout listed made my heart skip a beat, but it's not the one I hoped it was.

    RIP Studio Liverpool -_-

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