This Week's iPhone Charts: The Temple Run Effect

It's the second week of our re-revamped iPhone game charts, and also the week after the release of Imangi's Temple Run 2, a free sequel that has folks so excited they're lining up to pay for Temple Run Brave.

Normally when you release a new free thing that's better than any old paid thing, those old paid things drop off the charts. That's not the case with Temple Run. With the sequel pulling in 20 million downloads in four days and making sweet love to the Top Grossing charts, folks just can't get enough running, dodging, jumping and sliding.

And so we've got the Disney animated movie tie-in popping up on the paid charts this week, just above one of those Slender Man games, which seems like a fine place for it to be.

Top Paid iPhone Games — January 22, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Angry Birds Star Wars 1 0
2. Minecraft Pocket Edition 2 0
3. Scribblenauts Remix 3 0
4. CraftedBattle N/A N/A
5. Bad Piggies 9 +4
6. Temple Run Brave N/A N/A
7. Slender Rising N/A N/A
8. Wipeout 6 -2
9. Plgue, Inc. 4 -5
10. Flow Free Bridges 7 -3

Top Free iPhone Games — January 22, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Temple Run 2 N/A N/A
2. Ruzzle 1 -1
3. What's the Word N/A N/A
4. Rail Rush N/A N/A
5. Subway Surfers 4 -1
6. Angry Birds Rio N/A N/A
7. Fun Run — Multiplayer Race 3 -4
8. Candy Crush Saga 5 -3
9. Slender Rising Free N/A N/A
10. Trial Xtreme 3 N/A N/A


    Brave is a Pixar movie. It was distributed by Disney.

      Yeah but Disney owns Pixar, in more ways than one too. :)

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