This Week's Windows Phone Charts: Where's My Angry Birds?

Week two of the new and improved Windows Phone game charts is the perfect place to stage a coup against long-time paid app front-runner, Angry Birds. Disney double teams its way to the top of the paid charts with the double threat of Swampy the Alligator and Perry the Platypus.

Looks like Windows Phone gamers are finally getting a taste of the dirt-digging adventures that are Where's my Water? and Where's My Perry?, which should distract them from the fact that they'll soon be the only major mobile user base not to have Temple Run 2.

Top Paid Windows Phone Games — January 24, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Where's My Water? N/A N/A
2. Where's My Perry? N/A N/A
3. Angry Birds 1 -2
4. Fruit Ninja 2 -2
5. Pac-Man CE DX 3 -2
6. Plants Vs. Zombies 4 -2
7. Monopoly 5 -2
8. Cracking Sands N/A N/A
9. Sonic CD 8 -1
10. Monster Island 6 -3

Top Free Windows Phone Games — January 24, 2013

Rank Game Last Week Change
1. Ragdoll Run 1 0
2. Red Bull Kart Fighter World 2 0
3. Flow Free 3 0
4. 100 Floor 5 +1
5. AE Skee Ball 4 -1
6. Xbox Extras 6 0
7. AE Jewels 7 0
8. Pencil Blade 8 0
9. Archer 9 0
10. Paper Dash 10 0


    I just checked the marketplace on my phone for the first time in about 6 months. It's actually kind of pathetic how little has been added since then. Or is everything just getting released on WP8 now?

    very misleading title, i wanted a angry birds version of wheres my water

    It would be worth noting that both where's my water and where's my perry were free for one day during the past week for all WinPhone users :)

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