This Winnie The Pooh Game Is Way Too Difficult For Kids

I hope you don't have any fond memories of the Hundred Acre Wood, because they're all about to be replaced with white knuckled frustration when you play Winnie The Pooh Home Run Derby. It's the Disney-produced children's flash game that's so difficult, you just might smash your monitor.

Taking up residence on Yahoo Japan's "Disney Kids" portal, the benign seeming Derby finds Winnie in the batter's box, taking pitches from all of your favourite friends like Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger, and more. Except — as you can see in MaboroshiNoBajo's video above — instead of the nice woodland creatures you know and love, they've been replaced with rocket-armed ür-beasts that would eat Randy Johnson with a side of honey. Either Disney has fully committed to sadism, or they're intent on training the next generation of baseball superstars.

It may seem pretty straightforward at the start. But get only a couple of stages in and you'll see. Oh... how you'll see. Swathes of the adult-gamers-who-play-kids-games contingent have become fixated on Winnie The Pooh Home Run Derby, filling 4chan and NeoGAF with eldritch images and Saiyan GIFs, sabotaging Christopher Robin's Wiki page, and even recording this nightmarish monologue. Feel free to try it out yourself.


    The game isn't aimed at 5-6yr olds anyway - there are kanji used in the writing which I'm sure a little child would not be able to read.

    dear god the owl level broke me so bad... then tigger... HOW DO YOU EVEN SEE TIGGER'S PITCHES?!!??!

      You're meant to position the bat wherever the ball is headed, then hit as soon as it goes invisible.

      I've had 24/28 a few times, and 27/28 once.

      I don't even want to see Christopher Robin.

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