Those Two New Legendary Pokémon Have Names, You Know

Spied at the end of the announcement trailer yesterday, two new Pokémon in the upcoming Pokémon X and Y have been confirmed as the game's Legendary Pokémon and named. The Pokémon company has included a handy pronunciation guide.

The one at left above is Xerneas. Say its name like this: "ZURR-nee-us". The one at right? That is Yveltal, pronounced "ee-VELL-tall".

Catch them both at full-size below.


    I actually quite like the look of these two legendaries over some of the ones in gen 5 and 4.

    The only problem I have with these is that they both look like giant Ys.

    You'd have expected Xerneas, the legendary for Pokemon X that is used partially in the logo, would look more X like.

    Clearly this means it will be the worst game ever, of all time.

      I agree with the first part, I expected the deer-like one to be the Y.
      But I can see an X if it's generally protrayed with it's legs splayed for stability in battle.
      Without a 3DS, though, I won't be making a judgement call.

        With those spindly little legs?

        I'm sticking with my worst game ever call. Got to commit to it. Pokemon Y will probably be pretty okay though.

          the X in xerneas is actually in the eye... lol

      Maybe with the neck out, and wings extended and not swept Xerneas would look more x-shaped?

      EDIT: Derp, got them the wrong way around. Whoops. Disregard.

      Last edited 11/01/13 12:17 am

    The X is sort of styalised with the blue part of Xerneas

    wait until you see the third legendary pokemon in the shape of a Z.... (methinks it was omitted from the trailer since even they know it looks stupid)

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