THQ Is Gone. Now What The Hell Happened To Homeworld?

THQ Is Gone. Now What The Hell Happened To Homeworld?
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It’s easy to have lost sight of it amongst the more contemporary series flying off to new owners today, but, for me, one of the most important prizes up for grabs in the great THQ auction was the fate of the Homeworld series, which even 10 years since its last release remains one of the most beloved and respected PC properties of all time.

While the original three titles were published by Sierra, THQ later purchased the rights to the series to complement their acquisition of Relic, the team behind both Homeworld and Homeworld 2. With THQ now no longer around, those rights have to go somewhere, right? But where?

Unlike other more high profile properties, there was no word from THQ in its main letter on the fate of Homeworld, meaning that like other “legacy” franchises, it’s still under legal lock and key.

There has been movement today, though, from about the only place you can expect Homeworld movement these days: its fans. Rob Santos, the boss of a fledgling outfit known as teamPixel — which “for over eight years [has] specialised in web design, web development, desktop software and mobile applications,” according to Santos — told us over email that his company had tried to join in on the auction for THQ’s franchises, but was told that Homeworld was part of a ” legacy assets bucket” and wouldn’t be up for bidding until a later date.

Until then, he’s got a movement going called “SaveHomeworld”. Setting up an IndieGoGo page, he says teamPixel is looking for funds to do three things: get the original Homeworld on digital retailers Steam and Good Old Games (it’s not available for either), develop a touch-based version of the game for mobile platforms, and ultimately, develop Homeworld 3.

That last one is a pretty lofty goal for a studio nobody has ever heard of, especially one with a lack of game design experience, but you’ve at least got to admire their spirit, because if there’s one property above all others that deserves to find a good home at the end of this mess, it’s Homeworld.

Remember though: Santos’ company may not be the only ones interested. If these older series weren’t up for grabs today, who’s to say that when they are made available, someone like EA or Ubisoft doesn’t swoop in with their millions and snap it up? – Homeworld 3 and Homeworld Touch [IndieGoGo]


  • Sega better get on that shit, and hand it off to the people who know it best, Relic. Seeing as they now you know, own them and all.

  • Actually, we don’t have to admire their spirit. I think they’re nuts and have no chance of actually pulling it off.

  • Ahhh. I remember the first time I loaded up Homeworld to find my video card just wasn’t good enough – I grabbed myself a TNT2 and when I tried the second time I was amazed. I’ve played that opening sequence over 100 times for friends, family and myself. Bring it back with a high res texture set and I’d pay retail price to watch it all over again.

    • If you like the aesthetics of homeworld. They’ve got the composer from homeworld, and their visual styling and cinematic are rather heavily home inspired.

  • I’d buy it on steam, I lost my discs a long time ago, But I still have the manual to the first game, which was thick and filled with background fiction…there must’ve been a novella worth of material in that manual. I sure wish I could re-buy the games somewhere.

    Also the credit sequence in HW1 got me in Yes, (The band)

  • Do they really need the Homeworld licence? They were great games, for sure, but anyone could make another space strategy game inspired by them without owning the licence. The only thing they’d be missing out on is a little bit of marketing opportunity, but the money they save could be put back into making the game better.

    • I think you’re right. All they’d have to say is ‘inspired by homeworld’ and if it’s a good game, i’d buy it in a heartbeat. Why waste millions just to get the name?

  • Oh man… The nostalgia… The lore… The set pieces… The Star Wars mods!
    If anybody screws it up after so many screwups lately I’ll just be devastated. It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only person who played them back in the day.

  • Best RTS series ever, the standalone one in the middle was my favorite. Used to love sending my bombers in a V formation protected by my fighters in a claw formation supported by my corvettes in an loose ball, then frigates then cruisers then caps….. STEAM THE SERIES NOW!

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