Three Avatars Do Battle In This New Trailer For The Elder Scrolls Online

Timed to herald in the start of open beta for The Elder Scrolls Online, here's a new cinematic trailer for Bethesda's massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

You can sign up for beta over at the official website for TESO, which will be out this year for Mac and PC.


    Well, that tells me NOTHING about what the game will actually be like.

      Then watch the 10 minute long intro video?

        That video is alright, but the problem is it doesn't really cover the link between what's happening on screen and what the player is doing or how combat scales with group play. Swinging your sword in Skyrim, swinging your sword in Dungeons & Dragons Online and swinging your sword in World of Warcraft are three very different things that look the same when covered from the angle in that video.
        If there's another video I've missed that does show that stuff I'd love it if you could point it out to me. I've said in the comments of another video they released (it may have even been the one you just linked) what I'm really looking for from the dev team is a series of gameplay tutorials.

      Reminds me of my reaction to the first SWTOR trailer. "Cool, but there's no way in hell we're going to be engaging enemies like that". Cinematic trailers are great when you're eagerly anticipating launch, but what I need from The Elder Scrolls Online is a trailer that shows how the game plays and why I should be excited about it.

    No, but it does show that Blur Studios still gives good trailer xD

    As I usually don't really take to MMO's in general that was still a kick arse trailer. I'd be happy if what I just saw was just a snippet of a full length feature film.

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