Time Surfer Is A Psychedelic Sci-Fi Tear Through Tiny Wings Territory

In the popular iOS game Tiny Wings, players use a single finger to control the flight of an adorable baby bird as it slides down hills and soars through the serene sky, chased by peaceful dreams. Time Surfer is the same thing, except instead of peaceful dreams it's the end of the universe, the sky is filled with spikes, asteroids and cake, and you have the power to rewind time.

There's actually even more to it than that. Boosts, power-ups, unlockable pets that can be fed to add some extra oomph to your run, unlockable characters and vehicles including a familiar blue police box and a car that does odd things once you hit 88mph — the end of the universe is a very busy place.

We'll have a more extensive look at Time Surfer down the line. This here is just a call to arms. The placeholder headline for this article was "Time Surfer is F**king Amazing". It's still the title in spirit.

Time Surfer ($0.99) [iTunes App Store]


    No mention that it's made by a kick-arse Australian team? D:

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