Tomb Raider Controller For 360 Available Next Month

Microsoft's announced a "limited edition" Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller to tie in with the upcoming relaunch of the franchise next month.

The "limited edition" controller will be available from the 21st of February for $69.95, and comes with a DLC download token for the Scavenger Archer character.

That's not a bad looking controller, but am I the only one annoyed by the whole "limited edition" tag? I'd be willing to bet money it won't be that hard to score one of these for some time if you're keen on it.


    Limited edition = marketing slang. I see limited editions of some games lying around in stores for years :P. Pretty much every EA games comes in a "Limited Edition" when it is released now, which is funny because there is no non-limited edition.

      That is the case with some (okay, a lot) of games/accessories, but not all of the time. The Limited Edition Halo 4 controller was actually very limited. I get at least two people a week asking if my store still sells them, and there are none left in the whole company. Controllers like these usually don't last long at all, and with all the hype the new TR is getting, it's entirley possible these will go fast.

    The only thing "Tomb Raider" about it is the controllers packaging.

    Joke design, it's like they threw a whole bunch of controllers off a cliff to make them limited edition.

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