TrainStation Hops The Rails From Facebook To Mobile

The best rail management simulation on Facebook is looking to become the best rail management sim on iOS and Android, as Pixel Federation prepares to send a freshly repainted TrainStation to iOS and Android in the first half of 2013.

TrainStation lets players build stations, create and manage a fleet of locomotives and explore the history of trains from the earliest days to modern times and beyond. The Facebook version, which I've been playing this morning instead of writing this, is a fairly addictive little game, and I'm not what you'd call a huge train buff. I can only imagine it'd be crack to someone that was.

The mobile version will pack in the same great gameplay of the Facebook version, with updated graphics to take advantage of hi-res tablet and phone screens. Players looking to modernize their social train management sim can enter their email at the mobile game mini-site to receive updates and a "special bonus" when TrainStation hits Android and iOS later this year.


    It's the first I've heard of this game. But I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing it on android! :-D Nice game to play on the commute! [jo dawg? :p ]

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