Turning Half-Life Into A Dragonball Z Fighting Game

Earth's Special Forces is a mod for the original Half-Life's engine (not Half-Life 2's source) that transforms Valve's shooter into a massive arena for Dragonball Z battles.

It's a third-person fighting game with a few different modes (you can team up for deathmatches, etc). Being a mod it's a constant work in progress and comes with a warning that "there is a learning curve so newbies beware", but if that doesn't deter you the mod can be downloaded below.

Earth's Special Forces mod for Half-Life [ModDB]


    Just want to point out that this version of the mod has not been released and the previous version isn't really on the same level as this one.

    Wow, that trailer was bad.

      First, this is not an official mod. It was made by fans. Second, its for the original Half Life. This mod has been around for YEARS, (10 maybe?) slowly updating over time. I have not actually played it for a long time, but when I was in school, I remember having LAN parties and playing this for hours on end. It was really great. Kudos to the team behind it for sticking with it after all this time.

        Since 2001 with the early alpha's and beta's as far as I know.

        I remember playing this at a lan centre. It was so much fun.

      I hope you're talking about the quality of the actual trailer, but if you're saying the mod itself is bad...

      This is GOLDSRC. That water looks like it's from freaking Cryengine. The engine is almost 15 years old. Are you not impressed with what these people have done AT ALL?

        Don't be mislead. Although the developers rarely deny the publicity garnered from the confusion, this isn't 'technically' GoldSrc anymore -- unless you skew your definition of what defines an engine. http://goo.gl/v8mYP

    Man, played this years ago, they've done some damn nice work.

    Should see if they can get Team Fourstar involved with this somehow. Now that would be awesome

    Play this at lans regularly still to this day, and have since it was originally created 12 odd years ago, still one of the best DBZ games out there, shits on any of the PS3/360 ones for pure enjoyment, and Toastyfresh is correct, when you setup the setting correctly, the water effects are amazing for a game that runs on the original HL engine.

    This, Vampire hunter and the specialist still hold up as some of the best gaming mods in the world today.

      This was fun to play! ^_^
      But I thought the Quake III mod was the better one until they updated it to no longer resemble DBZ :(
      Controlling a energy ball from one side of the map and fly it in to someone flying was always fun :P

      Last edited 21/01/13 11:35 am

        Bid for power looked nicer for the first few itterations, mostly due to the larger quake 3 models.
        but the latest versions ESF has the better looks and mechanics, the ability to deflect powershot with other powershots, and have massive key spaming to see who's would get deflected back at themselves.

          Hmmm when this comes out (this version) we'll have to give it a crack again lol

    sweet jesus i remember playing this when it was in beta! that was when counterstrike was still version 1.5. these guys are freaking legends.

      Time to e-peen!

      I remember playing the very first beta of Counter-Strike. It was terribly awesome (mostly terrible). I think 1.5 really hit the spot of being as good as it was going to get. And yep, this game is good fun. It's like the show if they took out the months of inaction between fights :P

        ooh e-peen time?! i remember playing the cs beta up till 1.2 when they took out bunnyhopping. i broke my spacebar from smashing the jump (read: bunnyhop) button every two seconds. ahhhh 90s pc nostalgia...

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