Update: Politicians Slam NRA Shooting App, Apple Reclassifies

The National Rifle Association is yet to speak about their release of an iOS app, ages four and up, that simulates a firing range with different virtual guns. U.S. politicians have slammed the release, which comes one month after the Newtown shootings - a month during which the NRA had blamed video games for the tragedy.

The release of NRA: Practice Range, while not allowing players to shoot people, runs directly opposite to the sensationalist line that video games teach young children to shoot guns. In the wake of its release, the age restriction of 4+ has come into question.

Senator Charles Schumer called for iTunes to reclassify the game as 17+, saying "The NRA has acted in an unbelievably hypocritical fashion by blaming the nation’s gun violence on video games and movies, then coming out with a game for children featuring assault weapons."

Apple responded by raising the game's recommended age - the game is now on iTunes as 12+.

"The PR, the stupidity of doing it, is just mind-boggling," said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "It is the height of hypocrisy."

There seems to be no further word from the NRA other than what has already been said on the game's iTunes description:

NRA: Practice Range also offers a 3D shooting game that instills safe and responsible ownership through fun challenges and realistic simulations. It strikes the right balance of gaming and safety education, allowing you to enjoy the most authentic experience possible.

Bloomberg: New NRA Shooting App Is ‘Height Of Hypocrisy,’ ‘Mind-Boggling’ [CBS New York]


    Video games are bad, let's make one that teaches kids how to shoot proficiently

    Great Job NRA! Great Job!

    I have never played anything that has taught me how to shoot proficiently

    Not in my 20 years of killing demons from hell, Nazi's from Germany, terrorists from anywhere or generic bad guy #395837 who got in my way

      I like to think that my aim improved from playing Point Blank. I miss light guns :(

        Understandable, but even then, those light guns are not perfect 100% recreations of real world guns

        And don't weigh as much

        But a valid point

      maybe thats why the NRA thinks video games are bad: they dont teach how to shoot properly :S

        That would be really dangerous for them to think that :/

    Why should the game be reclassified? It has no actual violence. Releasing the game, I agree, is completely hypocritical but do people really expect the NRA to stop everything they are doing and wait a few years for everyone to forget about the Newtown shootings? They are the National Rifle Association, they make gun-related stuff. No one is forcing anyone to play this, and yet, we have pissed off people abusing the review section of the app like they were physically forced to download and play it. (Some of those reviews seem to of be deleted). The only reason I can see valid would be complete hypocrisy.

      violence is only one classifiable element.

      sure, theres no blood & no human targets, but the concept of using an automatic weapon is something that might not be suitable for a 4 year old.

        Sorry, what I meant to say was that it shouldn't be reclassified to 17+. But yeah, I agree that it's be inappropriate for a 4 year old to be playing.

      As you say it is a valid reason. Hypocrisy in an argument is demeaning to both rationality and the other viewpoint.

    So where in their laws and rules does it say they have to have assault rifles and semi automatics?

    If they MUST have guns, limit it to small pistols with a single bullet. You know, in case a bear comes out from the woods to wreck your shit.

    Or just use knives like real men.

      As anyone who knows anything about anything will tell you, Americans don't know what a real knife is.

    This sounds a lot like a diversionary tactic if you ask me, get people talking about the game rather than the real issue. You know.... bad NRA stop making games, while in the back ground they are still handing guns to kids.

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