Video Games Are Better For Kids Than TV

Video games have long been the whipping boy when it comes to bemoaning children's activity schedules, with TV grudgingly accepted as a necessary evil. New Australian research suggests that it should be the other way around.

The ABC reports on a University of Queensland study that investigated the amount of time that young people spent watching TV and playing video games. Most kids between two and five years of age exceeded the recommended limit of one hour per day. As a parent, I'm not as shocked by that revelation as I am that this might not be a big problem per se. Video games were cited as being beneficial in boosting children's self-esteem, mental faculties and physical development, albeit not in isolation.

There's still a call for moderation, which is fair enough; none of us should spend 100 per cent of our time on any one thing at all. Still, the next time you get into a silly argument about whether video games are a negative influence, you now have science on your side.

As a total aside, if nothing else, it's quite refreshing to see mainstream reporting on gaming research not head straight for the sensationalist angle. Sadly, I can't embed the video of the report, but it's well worth watching via the link below. [ABC]

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    I disagree my 6 year old cousin got introduced to mine craft from watching her 9 year old brother and its like an mmo for kids all she wants to play at all times luckily her parents don't allow her t play non stop

      minecraft involve creativity and freedom, but i think the study included more games with a story/linear approach, as that would make much more sense...

      Minecraft is definitely addictive to a scary degree. I once remember waking up around 8am, booting it up on the xbox, playing for a while then decided to get some breakfast because i was hungry. by that time it was 9pm!

      I had the same problem when I played minecraft lol. luckily I stoped when I started dreaming of said game

    You are against minecraft, though would you be against her sitting on the floor and playing with lego? She either builds a castle to the size of a tissue box, or virtually builds a to scale castle. Just seems with virtual being able to offer more with mental stimulation in some cases people still don't agree with kids sitting in front of a computer to do it.

    My kids live playing Minecraft, and its best when we all play it in 4 player mode. What's best? Watching a passive medium pumping out messages I don't necessarily agree with or interacting in a 3D environment which is a virtual CAD training package? I don't even have my aerial plugged in any more

    sometime for people like myself, subtle aspergers, it is necessary to play games online to have any form of social life (ive made 30-40 friends on red dead rededemption, and 7-8 on call of duty black ops 2)

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