Watch Robin Walker, Day[9] And Freddy Wong Explode Team Fortress 2

There's nothing quite like waking up to a celebrity Team Fortress 2 Highlander match featuring StarCraft player and commentator Sean Plott (Day[9]), Team Fortress co-creator and Aussie Robin Walker and internet star Freddie Wong. It even includes the most outrageous hacks you've ever seen.

The match is part of the "TF2 Mix-up" series, in aid of the charity Doctors Worldwide. So far they've raised £3607.30 ($5582.15) for the organisation, whose mission, according to the Mix-up site, is to "serve communities in need, through the provision of sustainable medical relief and health based development programmes worldwide."

The clips is a bit over 27 minutes long, so feel free to skip to the nine-minute mark where the action begins, though if you're unfamiliar with Team Fortress 2 or want a bit of background on the players, you should watch it from the beginning.

Probably the saddest moment is despite the absolute insane hacks employed by Walker towards the end, including unlimited, rapid-firing crit rockets and whole team invulnerability, his side still manages to lose terribly.

Mix-up 5 [TF2 Mix-up, via Reddit]


    Robin Walker has a backpack full of Valve-class weapons - they have some crazy effects (like +1009900 damage!)

    Personally, I watched this because STAR_ was in it. He got a Market Garden on Robin Walker, lol.

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