Watch The IGDA’s Daniel Greenberg Defend Gaming Against Sensationalism

Watch The IGDA’s Daniel Greenberg Defend Gaming Against Sensationalism

We’ve had video games blamed for all sort of things for years, but in the wake of the recent Newtown tragedy, it’s gone farther than it usually has. Enter Daniel Greenberg, the IGDA’s chairman for the Committee on Anti-Censorship and Social Issues. He’s been doing the rounds, exposing sensationalist reporters to those wonderful things called facts.

As people start to ask serious questions about gun control and mental health, the NRA has attempted to deflect blame onto video games, which has given the usual pundits more momentum. Vice President Joe Biden met with representatives of the industry earlier to discuss the issue. While not at that meeting, Daniel Greenberg, on behalf of the International Game Developers Association, wrote an open letter to Joe Biden.

Appearing on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, Greenberg coolly explains why video games are no threat to society, and why as an industry, we don’t feel threatened by another study into the matter.

Greenberg’s main line is that we want more science, not less. More studies to add to the several already done that show there is no causal link between video games and violence. But he asks that any such study also look into the potential benefits of violent video games, because they can act as an outlet for aggression. A de-stressing activity.

After all, if a study is only looking for negatives, isn’t that study inherently biased? You can also watch Greenberg for a lengthy spell on Fox Business here, and he briefly appears on MSNBC here. It’s encouraging to see gaming so well defended as people search for an easy target. We’ve certainly had years of practice.


    • I thought he just seemed kind of disinterested… maybe a bit disappointed that he hadn’t managed to get a juicy soundbite out of it so it was time to move on to something else.

  • Wow, and they call Piers Morgan rude?

    But I guess Fox News is a qualifier here, anything that comes out of that ‘news’ channel is about as legit as stuff from the Onion I guess.

    • Interviewers on Fox seem to become rude when someone comes along and makes a cogent argument, calmly. They’re in the sensationalism business, not the “let us sit down and rationally discuss topic X” business. (-‸ლ)

  • “They could always just, y’know, what the news…”

    Anchor seemed like a bratty child who wasn’t getting his way. That was hilarious and sad at the same time.

  • ‘Damn… he didn’t say anything juicy, cut him off!’

    How fox can call that news is beyond me… Fox Entertainment, maybe.

  • …and because of interviews like that is why Fox News is considered by the majority of the population of the world to be a joke of a News organisation.

    However I do want to ask one thing, during this entire ugly debate I’ve heard two major conflicting arguments: In this video Daniel Greenburg states that there is no causal link between playing violent video games and increased aggression in individuals, Yet the ACL state in a media release recently (regarding how since Ron Curry said the new rating was an acknowledgment that there should be content for the adults who play games, this apparently highlights the profit-making motive clouding the issue.) that there is research that causally links violent video games to increased aggression.

    Who is right?

    • Greenberg is correct, Ruen. There have been studies that show correlation, but not causation. To prove causation, one would have to intentionally expose children to violent video games, which, if done to see if they’re harmful, makes such a study unethical before it begins.

      But as a general rule, the ACL are wrong 😉

  • I love how he compares it with violence in the news and the host says “But that’s real, your stuff is not”

    um… if you’re arguing that violent media is the downfall of society, wouldn’t you be pointing the finger at the more realistic violence, hence the “real” stuff? 😛

    But it’s Fox news, all you can do is roll your eyes and laugh at it. The scary things is that some people take it as their only news source.

    • One could also argue the “news” on Fox News (oh the irony…) is not really real.

      I probably got a more indepth analysis of modern society and current events in some games than I would get watching Fox News

  • Little does Neil Cavuto know but Greenberg was just about to declare his hatred of war veterans and love of child torturing games…..unfortunatly for Neil he cut him off.

  • Wow, just look at Cavuto’s face and his posture throughout the interview.
    From start till about 2:00 he’s not even listening to the responses from Greenberg, he’s just waiting until he can ask his next question. And then watch his face as he butts in at 2:03 – 2:05; completely undisguised contempt and smugness….then slips back to boredom at 2:09 when Greenberg doesn’t bite.

    Until BAM, 2:46, that smug, weasely face makes a return and he leeeeeeans back in a classic ‘check-mate’ posture. Greenberg again affably refuses to bite…and in an interview that, in Cavuto’s view, is steadily going downhill he decides to just end it all and head straight for the cliff; his last vestige of paying attention as a professional reporter hits the rocky bottom at 3:11 as he breaks eye contact, gives a clearly disinterested “hmph” and begins looking around for something more interesting.

    But it’s not completely over yet. Just like in a crazy loony-toons cartoon next follows the acme anvil at 3:15 with that childish interruption and slight shaking of the head as if, ‘righto, mate, you clearly can’t be reasoned with, so whatever, I’m out.’ And finally at 3:24, the exasperated, disinterested tone when he cuts Greenberg off with, “They have indeed, they have indeed,” hits with the force of a grand piano.

    There are things inherently, terribly, wrong with Fox News(?). Be sarcastic about Americans / ‘people’ / the plebes all you want, but I seriously wonder how it is still in business let alone popular.

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