Watch These Pundits And News Anchors Get Nostalgic About The Atari

"Do you remember the Atari? Oh man, I remember the Atari!" These are words that you've doubtless heard from people over the age of 30. For some, Pong and Atari were their first and last brush with gaming, and you'll be hard-pressed to find one among them that doesn't recall those days with fond memories.

In the video above everyone from Fox to Canadian television waxes nostalgic about the beloved Atari. See guys? There's hope for everyone. Now if only we could harness that nostalgia for good...


    Ah, When I'm 50 I might go on and on about my old consoles too.
    But then again, since I'm a gamer - if I am still gaming at 50 - I'll probably be too busy playing to be nostalgic.

    I had an Atari & C64 when I was a kid. I remember it for about a year or so then we got the Amiga & then all Sega/Nintendo/Sony consoles.

    I loved my Game Gear! Portable colour screen! Shinobi was the best game!

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