Watch This 84-Year-Old Man's Reactions While Playing Video Games

Here's the 84-year-old grandpa of YouTube user GrandpaPlaysGames reacting to shooters like Halo 4 and Black Ops II.

It is totally adorable. He should hook up with this woman. Can we start a petition to make that happen?

Our 84 year old Grandpa plays Videogames! [YouTube]


    Without watching the video, sounds like trying to take a crap lol

    Careful. At many points I thought he was about to get a stroke.

    Cute. Wish my WIFE would play two player Xbox, let alone my gran...

    Possibly the coolest gameplaying grandad ever!!!!

    Next week's headlines: "grandpa goes on shooting rampage, video games to blame"

    I wish I would have gotten video of my Great-Great Aunt playing Rockband a few years ago. My cousins and I had her playing with us to Jimmy Buffet's I Don't Know. We all had a good laugh and a lot of fun.

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