Watch This Amazing Sci-Fi Short Made By One Man

That man is digital film design student Kaleb Lechowski, who is only 22 years old. He got help with the sound and voice acting (the latter from video game veteran David Masterson), and that's it. Everything else you see, it's all Kaleb.

While it took him seven months to finish, as you can see, it was totally worth it.

R´ha [Vimeo, via Awesome Robo]


    Very Pretty - Some of the animations could have done with some refinement - but I'm sure this kid will have a job at one animation studio or another in no time at all.

    I'm 21, I've got 12 months to top this to get on Kotaku?

    Challenge Accepted.

    Damnit someone (or himself) adapt his shot feature into a game! I'd buy it!

    Amazing! This kid is going places.

    This was WOW! How and...WOW! This blew my mind away. One man job! Incredible! He indeed is going places! That short there is a guaranteed position in any games or animation company really!

    It was OK in some areas but very basic in others. He could definitely get work as a modeller but the textures were all very basic and there was nothing special about the lighting. It succeeds on an accretion of detail and the modelling looks excellent. I also thought the story needed some work. The way he put the back-story in was very clunky - let me just take a minute while they are torturing me to bring you up to date - and the ending was both rushed and obvious. It is a great effort for a student, and it's certainly way better than anything I've ever done outside of work, but it's not quite brilliant.

      You understand he's an unpaid 22 year old student right?

      If he's doing this at 22, imagine what he'll be doing when he's 32. It's amazing.

        Yes, I understand completely. I have taught 3D to many students 22 years old, and even younger, and I have seen stuff of this standard (although not of this length) produced in a few weeks. I had one student who had made a flawless 4 minute light sabre fight, frame by frame, in Photoshop 5 while he was still at high school. That was more impressive than this.

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          show us your work!

            You can see my work on Channel 9 every day.

              What do you do on Ch 9?

                I work in On Air Graphics, which means we do all the graphics for news, A Current Affair, Today and Mornings. It's all very short turn-around stuff which suits my attention span perfectly.

          You sound like a very tough teacher.

    not on youtube?......why?

      Exactly, why? Why would it be on Youtube where it has to suffer the indignity of advertising? Obviously these guys have a little ntegrity and are more concerned abou tpresenting their material in teh best possible way than getting the maximum number of hits.

    Has some problems, but nice ending..

    Pretty sweet film!

    Only one point of suspicion: if he's 22 years old, how is he married?!

      I know people 20-22 who have married, not uncommon

    Not where I wanted this to go.

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