Watch This Guy Terrorise People With An Assault Shield In Black Ops II

Watch This Guy Terrorise People With An Assault Shield In Black Ops II

Step one: assault shield. Step two: combat axe. Step three: no fun allowed. It’s the fun police, here to mess you up with one of the worst/best loadouts in Black Ops II.

I’m curious as to how viable this loadout is, so I’ll have to try it out. I love me some tomahawk, so I might as well…but if I was going up against GrillMcLoin here, I’d probably feel kind of mad!

CoD Black Ops 2 – Fun Police [GrillMcLoin]


  • Still not learning what it means to be a journalist huh? Still, after so much criticism , you continue to post pure BS?

    Well they do say that nut cases don’t realise they’re nuts.

    • It’s her constant exposure to CoD, brother. She sees the world through though douche vision, otherwise known as the CoD HUD. It’s not that dissimilar to the condition CS players suffered from in the early 2000s when used to hunch over and sneak around everywhere, or jump around corners for no good reason. I’m concerned for her health. We need an intervention.

      But this really is just blog material or an FB post, not worthy of an article on this site.

    • I don’t see the problem here. So she found a sweet video, wrote up a short summary of it and posted it. Just start your own site if you really feel strongly about Kotaku posts not having substance.

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